November / December 2017

ISPE Thailand Co-hosts Cleanroom Testing & Certification Course


ISPE Thailand cohosted “Cleanroom Testing and Certification,” a joint meeting between the affiliate and the Thai Industrial Pharmacist Association on 2–3 May 2017 at the Ambassador Hotel Bangkok.

The meeting drew 250 attendees—including 30 from the Thai Food and Drug Administration—as well as 18 exhibitors. It was accredited by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), a feature that attracted many NEBB delegates from abroad. ISPE Singapore also sent its event director to help in ISPE Booth—a wonderful sign of collaboration among ISPE members in this region.

ISPE Thailand President Totsapon Santitewagun, Managing Director, Global Tech Co., Ltd., opened the meeting by introducing the course instructor, cleanroom expert Dan C Milholland, Managing Partner of Milholland and Associates and an ISPE member since 1991. Milholland presented the in-depth content over the next two days, with topics that covered:

  • Basic cleanroom design
  • Cleanroom standards, past and present
  • Primary and secondary cleanroom tests
  • Cleanroom testing and certification

“I am sure after this event,” said Santitewagun, “we will see a significant increase in membership.” To reciprocate the collaboration they enjoyed at their cleanroom event, 10 ISPE Thailand members traveled to Japan from 16–21 May to celebrate that affiliate’s fifteenth anniversary and network with ISPE colleagues. “It seems that we will have interactive activities throughout the whole year,” said Santitewagun.

ISPE Thailand Co-hosts Cleanroom Testing & Certification Course