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Pharmaceutical science and manufacturing professionals worldwide know that the best way to advance their professional and technical proficiency is through ISPE Membership.

Select the appropriate Membership Type below - you may join online or print and submit a Membership Application.  By joining or renewing, Members agree to uphold and abide by the ISPE Code of Conduct.

Prices valid through 31 December 2019. ISPE Membership is individual and non-transferable.  

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  • Industry Member

    Individuals in pharmaceutical science, engineering, or technology with an active interest in the objectives and purposes of the Society.  Industry Members receive both print and electronic versions of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    US$259/per year + one-time US$40 new member application fee 

    €220/per year + one-time €35 new member application fee 

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  • Regulatory Authority / Government Member

    Individuals employed full-time by a regulatory authority or government agency.  Regulatory Members receive a digital copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    ISPE is a Neutral, Non-lobbying Organization

    Because ISPE does not engage in any lobbying activities and makes no attempt to influence regulations, the Society can play a vital role in assembling experts from its multiple disciplines to design, debate and publicize more effective processes and standards for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

    ISPE’s neutral environment ensures all such activities are based on the application of sound scientific and technological principles through the expert contributions of our individual Members irrespective of their employer, status or affiliation and experts belonging to Regulatory Authorities.

    In order to make ISPE membership as accessible as possible, the ISPE International Board of Directors has approved a dues structure that applies to ALL individuals employed full-time by a Regulatory Authority or government agency.

    Options for Joining:

    1. Complimentary membership is available to all regulators worldwide. To join at no cost, please contact ISPE Member Services by email or +1-813-960-2105.
    2. ISPE recognizes that policies may vary within Regulatory Authorities and Government agencies. This option is offered to Regulatory Authority/Government Agency representatives not able to accept the no cost option.

      US$119/per year

      €99/per year

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  • Young Professional Member

    Individuals within 1-5 years of university graduation.  Documentation of graduation status (copy of your final transcript or diploma) must be received within 15 business days of joining for membership to remain active.  Young Professional Members receive a digital copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    US$119/per year

    €99/per year 

    Emerging Economy (Tier 2 and 3) US$59/per year

    Emerging Economy (Tier 2 and 3) €49/per year

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  • Student Member

    Individuals enrolled full-time at a college, university, or other educational institution.  Please provide proof of student status; must be attending at least half time if your primary concentration is education, such as a combination of class work and an internship.  Existing Student Members may extend their Student Membership for one year following graduation.  Student Members receive a digital copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    US$29/per year

    €29/per year

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    Note: Students residing in emerging economy countries my be eligible for a dues discount through their local ISPE Affiliates.  Please contact the local ISPE Affiliate/Chapter in your area for complete details.

  • Academic Member

    Individual employed full-time by an educational institution who agree to promote educational programs aimed at developing professionals for the pharmaceutical industry.  Academic Members receive a digital copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    US$119/per year

    €99/per year

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  • Emerging Economy Member

    Individuals in pharmaceutical science, engineering, or technology in countries that ISPE classifies as Emerging Economies.  Emerging Economy Members receive a digital copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    Tier 2 US$179/per year 

    Tier 2 €149/per year

    Tier 3 US$119/per year

    Tier 3 €99/per year

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  • Retired Emeritus Member

    If you have retired and have been an ISPE Member for five or more consecutive years upon retirement from business and professional activity, you may elect Retired Emeritus status by contacting ISPE. Annual renewal is required.  Retired Emeritus Members receive a digital copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine.

    US$29/per year

    €29/per year

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  • Membership Hardship Program

    If you lose your job, ISPE has a way for you to keep your membership, which will be more valuable to you than ever at this critical time.

    If you are a Member in good standing, our Hardship Program enables you to retain your membership, at a significantly reduced rate for one year. Instead of print, Hardship Members get an electronic copy of Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine, along with all the other Member benefits you’re used to receiving.

    You may also wish to reach your local ISPE Affiliate or Chapter to discuss additional options while you are seeking employment. There are also many ways to volunteer through ISPE to get or stay connected in your business network. Please contact ISPE at for more information or to discuss your membership status.

All Members may vote on matters pending before the Society, hold office, and serve on committees. All memberships are individual and not transferable for professionals working or studying in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. By virtue of joining ISPE as a member, members agree to receive communications from ISPE. Booksellers may contact for information on reselling publications.

Membership Cancellation/Refund policy

ISPE membership is individual and not transferable. You may terminate your membership with a full refund within 30 days of purchase via written notice to Please note we do not accept terminations via phone. Membership purchased in conjunction with a conference or training event is only refundable upon approved cancellation of an event.

Changes to member type must be requested in writing to

ISPE follows the World Bank’s guide for determining Emerging Economy Country status. Our list is updated annually in July. Overpayment by members in a downgraded country will be applied as a credit to subsequent years.

Additional information may need to be provided in writing to ISPE at