ISPE International Honor Awards

Each year during the ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo Membership and Awards Breakfast, ISPE pays tribute to exceptional efforts put forth by Volunteers through special recognition as determined by the International Honor Awards Committee. Those recognized include individual Volunteers, Affiliates and Chapters, Students, and the Company of the Year.

2018 International Honor Awards

The 2018 nomination period is now closed. Winners will be announced at the 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo on 4 -7 November 2018.  


2017 Winners

Facility of the Year

Eli Lilly and Company

Joseph X. Phillips
Professional Achievement

Robert W. Tribe

Richard B. Purdy
Distinguished Achievement

Robert E. Chew, PE

Max Seales Yonker
Member of the Year

François Sallans, PharmD

Outgoing Board Chair

Michael A. Arnold, RPh

Outgoing Board Member

Joseph C. Famulare

Outgoing Board Member

Robert E. Matje, CPIP, PE

Outgoing Board Member

Christopher J. Reid

Affiliate and Chapter

ISPE San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter

Affiliate and Chapter

ISPE Singapore Affiliate

Committee of the Year

GAMP® Data Integrity Special Interest Group (SIG) Leadership Team
  • Mark E. Newton
  • Nigel Price
  • Lorrie Vuolo-Schuessler
  • Charlie C. Wakeham
  • Christopher H. White

Committee of the Year

Guidance Documents Committee
  • Chair: James M. Brinkman
  • Co-Chair: Mark E. Newton
  • Member: Christopher E. Ames
  • Member: John C. Berridge, PhD, CChem, FRSC
  • Member: Jeffrey A. Biskup
  • Member: Robert J E Bowen
  • Member: Jose Caraballo
  • Member: Chris Clark
  • Member: James J. Curry
  • Member: Bruce S. Davis
  • Member: Christopher Derrett
  • Member: Robert Dream
  • Member: Nicholas R. Haycocks
  • Member: Matthew McMenamin
  • Member: Patricia M. Melton, PhD
  • Member: Stephan T. Orichowskyj, PE, CPIP
  • Member: Maurice B. Parlane
  • Member: Simon C. Shelley
  • Member: Frank van der Steen
  • Member: Jwalant Vyas
  • Member: Stephanie Wilkins
  • Member: Steven J. Wisniewski
  • Member: James P. Wood

Undergraduate Student
Poster Competition

Maria De Abreu Pineda
Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey Chapter

Graduate Student
Poster Competition

Tanvi Joshi
Campbell University, CaSA Chapter