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September / October 2019 Issues
Risk management is pervasive throughout the biopharmaceutical industry. It is an important factor during the implementation of new equipment or procedures into an operation. Likewise, risk management is also key when assessing the impact of changes.
July / August 2019 Issue
Global trends and the interconnection of technology developments in the pharmaceutical industry.
May / June 2019
A control strategy developed using a science- and risk-based approach will ensure that reproducible product quality is achieved throughout the product life cycle, while maintaining the efficiency, robustness, and flexibility that continuous manufacturing has to offer.
March / April 2019 Issue
In recognition of the growth and importance of generics to the pharmaceutical market, Pharmaceutical Engineering takes a look at what’s happening in four global markets: India, China, Japan, and the Philippines..
January / February 2019 Issue
Data integrity has been and continues to be an inherent aspect of global GMP regulations governing electronic and paper-based records in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine 2018 November - December Issue Cover
George Scangos, CEO of Vir Biotechnology, talks with PE about his thoughts on building a culture of innovation. The former Biogen head also talks about his latest endeavor, a biotech start-up waging war on infectious disease.
ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine 2018 September/October Issue Cover
The first revision to Annex 1 in a decade has rebuilt and reorganized the document to align with GMP in Europe. Jean-François Dulière, ISPE Comment Team Lead, breaks down the details on the developments.
PE July/August Issue Cover
Technology is advancing faster than ever. Connectivity and artificial intelligence, along with flexible automation, will allow us to move from a reactive shop floor to an autonomous, self-organizing factory.
May/June 2018
Biopharmaceuticals are booming in Asia, buoyed by enhanced regulations, an influx of venture capital, a culture of innovation, and government support.
March/April 2018
Sustainability -- an important concept, especially for the pharmaceutical industry as it transitions from manufacturing in stainless steel facilities to single-use technology in much smaller plants.
January / February 2018 Cover
François Sallans, Vice President and Chief Quality Officer for Johnson & Johnson, speaks with PE about his career, dedication to preventing drug shortages, and thoughts on the ongoing hurricane-recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Sallans was honored with the Max Seales Yonker Member of the Year Award.
November / December 2017 Issue Cover
Engineers looking to enter the biomanufacturing workforce may feel unprepared without a background in cell culture or chromatography.
September / October 2017 Issue Cover
The cover story focuses on the first FDA-approved gene-transfer therapy, Novartis’s Kymriah, and other CAR T-cell products in development.
Pharmaceutical Engineering July/August 2017
3D printing and bioprinting have the potential to transform how drug candidates are tested, how drugs are manufactured, the supply chain, and industry dependence on animal testing.
Pharmaceutical Engineering May / Jun 2017 Issue Cover
Recently retired Pfizer Executive Vice President Anthony Maddaluna sat down with Pharmaceutical Engineering to discuss his 42 years in the industry, his passion for excellence, and the complexities of supply chain organizational structure.
March 2017 Cover
Amid the great opportunities that flow from extending their networks of facilities around the globe, pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing compliance challenges in emerging markets—especially culturally distinct ideas about safety, risk, and quality.
Pharmaceutical Engineering January / February 2017 Issue Cover
Robin Kumoluyi, Johnson & Johnson’s Vice President of Quality Systems and Services talks about her career path, willingness to take chances, and determination to be a leader.