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ISPE's Women in Pharma group is a member-exclusive initiative committed to bridging gender, cultural, organizational, and geographic boundaries to maximize the impact women have on the pharmaceutical industry, and their respective communities.

Women in Pharma aspires to create a pharmaceutical industry that is equitable, inclusive, free of biases and stereotypes, where diversity of thought thrives.


A pharmaceutical industry that is equitable and inclusive, free of biases and stereotypes, where diversity of thought thrives.

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Our Four Pillars

Personal Growth

Confidence: A diverse business world is a thriving one, and everyone brings a unique perspective and set of experiences that can alter the way we operate as an industry. Through mentorship, engagements and learning resources, you will acquire the skills necessary to discuss delicate subjects with tact and diplomacy to generate desired results.

Professional Growth

Emotional Intelligence: Empathy and understanding are key in developing emotional intelligence and creating meaningful personal and professional relationships. Through Women in Pharma, you will connect with ISPE members worldwide and gain a global perspective as it applies to the geopolitical and socioeconomic landscape, and the accompanying business.

Social Impact

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are taking the world by storm, though the path taken to achieve DEI varies country to country. Through WIP programming and learning resources, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be diverse and inclusive, and more importantly, equitable.

Shape the Future of Pharma

Leadership Strategies: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are Through Women in Pharma volunteer initiatives, you’ll gain the knowledge and operational skills you need to lead important discussions, host key events that promote thought exchange, and impact the future of the pharmaceutical industry long term.

International Women’s Day

2023 Theme: Embrace Equity

International Women's Day

Equal opportunity for equal effort remains the goal for ISPE’s Women in Pharma initiative, with women and their allies paving the way for a more equitable workforce. Through global collaboration, important conversations, and educational resources, we continue to strive to create an industry where diversity of thought thrives, and stereotypes take a back seat. See how ISPE’s Women in Pharma Works to Create a more equitable industry. Learn More



  • How Do I Join Women in Pharma?

    To join ISPE’s Women in Pharma community, you must be an ISPE member.

    New To ISPE?

    • Create an ISPE Account
    • When prompted to select your Communities of Practice, Select Women in Pharma and continue through your sign-up process.

    Already an ISPE Member

    • Log into your ISPE Account
    • Select your name on the top right-hand corner of your profile and select “My Account”
    • Click the “My Interest & Communities Tab”
    • Select “Communities of Practice” and check “Women in Pharma”
    • Click the “save” button
  • How Can I Get Involved with Women in Pharma?
    • Women in Pharma hosts events at ISPE’s 6+ international conferences every year, along with regional and local activities led by your local Affiliate or Chapter throughout the year.
    • Women in Pharma distributes a quarterly newsletter, The Bridge, provides monthly updates in ISPE’s Member Update, quarterly updates in PE Magazine, and keeps members up to date through ISPE International’s LinkedIn page. Members are also encouraged to contribute to these publications.
    • Connect with your regional Affiliate or Chapter to participate or lead local Women in Pharma programming; Join the Women in Pharma Community of Practice on ISPE Engage for programming resources; Follow the Women in Pharma International Steering Committee and your local Affiliate or Chapter on LinkedIn for updates on the latest happenings.
    • Email wip@ispe.org to learn about volunteer opportunities
    • Learn more about Women in Pharma’s mentorship program.
  • How Often Does Women in Pharma Meet?

    Women in Pharma hosts events at ISPE’s 6+ international conferences every year, along with regional and local activities led by your local Affiliate or Chapter throughout the year. Connect with you regional ISPE Affiliate or Chapter to learn more.

    Members of the Women in Pharma Steering Committee meet biweekly for the duration of one year, and monthly with the extended Steering Committee and Women in Pharma Chapter and Affiliate leaders.

  • How does Women in Pharma Impact the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Women in Pharma programming provides members of the community the EQ skills they need to manage and maximize scientific processes and daily operations. Through regional and international programming, Women in Pharma offers opportunities for professional and personal growth, social impact and Shaping the Future of Pharma. Through webinars, trainings, and content, Women in Pharma promotes the utility of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We encourage you to explore the program’s Four Pillars and learn more.

  • How Can I contribute to Women in Pharma?

    You can join the Women in Pharma Programming Committee and help pull together webinars and 

  • Is Women in Pharma only for Women?

    Women in Pharma welcomes all members of the pharmaceutical community committed to growing, evolving, and promoting equal opportunities for all. Women in Pharma’s programming offers resources applicable to all members of the pharmaceutical industry, regardless of gender. 

Support Women in Pharma

WIP Sponsorship OpportunitiesBy donating or joining Women in Pharma, you are helping women and other marginalized groups within the Pharmaceutical Industry gain confidence, develop emotional intelligence, gain a deeper understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and providing them the opportunity to Shape the Future of Pharma™ through leadership skills development.

One of the programs the ISPE Foundation supports is the Women in Pharma®. Women in Pharma® provides women in the pharmaceutical industry professional training and education to foster mentorship and networking opportunities for women to drive their successful career progress.

Sponsorship Oppportunities

Online Community

Already a part of ISPE's Women in Pharma? Looking for resources to support local programming and initiatives? Head to ISPE Engage an explore the resources available on Women in Pharma's Member-Exclusive Online Community.

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Meet the Staff

For Questions Surrounding Regional and International Operations & Programming:

Jessica Hardy
Senior Director, Membership & Chapter Relations
Edyna Miguez
Manager, Membership Growth

Looking to Support Women in Pharma?

Director, Development and Foundation Operations
ISPE Foundation

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Host or Attend a Women in Pharma® Event


Programs and Fundraising Efforts

The Women in Pharma® community hosts activities and sessions at many ISPE International Events. Members of the group will also be selling buttons at ISPE events. Those who donate $10 or more ($5 or more for students) will receive a Women in Pharma® button. Every dollar from the button sales will be contributed to a scholarship fund supporting future opportunities for women in the industry.

ISPE Affiliates and Chapters support the Women in Pharma® initiative by providing local programming and raising funds through the button program. In addition, Women in Pharma® Mentor Circles have been established around the globe. A full toolkit has been developed to guide Affiliates and Chapters in hosting their own Women in Pharma events. This toolkit is available on the Affiliate and Chapter Resources page (login required).

Connect & Collaborate with Women in Pharma® Mentor Circles, Webinars, and Book Clubs

WIP button

ISPE’s Women in Pharma ® Mentor Circle program helps women in the industry grow relationships and enhance career development, leading to more women in future leadership positions. Mentor Circles around the world promote supportive relationships, friendships, and technical and career advancement learnings. Everyone in the industry is critical to supporting this cause, so encourage your colleagues to participate in Mentor Circles! Become a mentor, a mentee, or both!

Women in Pharma® Book Clubs provide the opportunity to connect over stimulating discussions of fiction and non-fiction books. People from around the world share their opinions and impressions while examining a pre-selected book’s message, purpose, and the wisdom gained from reading it. All are invited to join in these thought-provoking and inspiring Women in Pharma® Book Clubs.

Webinars and networking events such as lunch & learns offer interesting discussions and topics that range from the ability to transform and empower yourself to building leadership skills to navigating the Covid-19 era, as well as technical sessions led by industry experts that educate participants on various aspects of current industry challenges and accomplishments. Social hours, such as Sunrise to Sunset coffee and happy hour virtual gatherings, provide relief from work while connecting with other women in pharma members from around the globe to connect, collaborate, network, and have fun!

Affiliates and Chapters who wish to participate in the Women in Pharma® initiative should review the Women in Pharma® Policies for Affiliates and Chapters. These policies were established in order to ensure consistency in the program while providing support for Women in Pharma at the International and local levels.

Upcoming Events

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Store items

ISPE Women in Pharma® has announced that it is opening a virtual storefront – the Women in Pharma® Merchandise Store! A variety of shirts that feature fun graphics and inspirational messages have been created; proceeds will go to the ISPE Foundation for Women in Pharma® initiatives. These items will only be offered for a limited time. 

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For more information about the Women in Pharma® at ISPE and it's many benefits contact the Women in Pharma Committee at ISPE.