Student Membership

Who Is Eligible for Student Membership?

Individuals enrolled full-time at a college, university, or other educational institutions are eligible for Student Membership with proof of status. We realize circumstances occur when an individual may not be enrolled full-time as a student, however, if the primary intention of the individual is education, student membership is allowed.

How To Join

To join, complete an online membership application or fax/mail a Membership Application with payment. Immediately after payment is accepted, students must complete the process by providing proof of their student status; any of the methods listed below are acceptable:

  • Current semester schedule showing number of credits
  • Transcript (official or unofficial) with number of current credits
  • University letter stating "student" status
  • University Web site page indicating the date and "student" status
  • Valid and current Student ID card

The proof of student status can be faxed, emailed as an attachment, or mailed to ISPE's Member Services.

Emerging Economies

Students residing in an Emerging Economy country receive a discount on dues by paying US $5 or €5 through the local ISPE Affiliate or Chapter. Please contact the local ISPE Affiliate/Chapter in your area for complete details.

What Comes After Graduation?

Existing Student Members may extend their Student Membership for one year following graduation. Exceptional educational programs, unique networking opportunities, and the promise of developing professional relationships with ISPE Members prove to be invaluable tools when it comes to landing a job. Finding a job often is about "who you know" and ISPE offers students access to a vast network of potential employers.

Questions? Please contact:

Debbie Kaufmann

Debbie Kaufmann
Membership Coordinator
Phone: +1-301-364-9215