March / April 2017

Meet the New 2017 ISPE Board of Directors

Meet the New 2017 ISPE Board of Directors

Pharmaceutical Engineering consulted ISPE’s new Board of Directors Executives to discuss making a difference, member concerns, objectives for 2017, and their visions for the future.

In this issue, we talk to:

Timothy Howard, Vice Chair: Vice President of Strategy and Development, Commissioning

Agents, Inc.; ISPE member since 1993

James Breen, Treasurer: Vice President Lead, Biologics Expansion, Janssen Pharmaceuticals; ISPE member since 2000

Frances Zipp, Secretary: President & CEO, Lachman Consultant Services, Inc.; ISPE member since 2013

Joseph Famulare, Past Chair: Vice President, Global Quality Compliance and External Collaboration, Genentech/Roche, Pharma Technical Operations; ISPE member since 2001

1. In Your Role As Board Executive, How Do You Define “making A Difference”?

Tim Howard: The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “making a difference” is the patient, or the end-user of the products. Whether it be initiatives to drive down drug shortages, collaborating on facilities of the future, or training the next generation of technical professionals, ISPE has recurring opportunities to make a huge difference to those who need and use the products of our industry. Our strategic plan identifies the areas where we are best suited to make such a difference. Executing this strategy is how the board can make a difference.

Jim Breen: Ensure that the thoughts, desires, and needs of all ISPE members globally and across all facets of the industry are heard, that their views are used as input into ISPE strategy, and that our programs help members prepare for the future.

Fran Zipp: ISPE has been a source of education and guidance for many pharmaceutical professionals since its inception. I strongly believe the role of every Board member is to be personally committed to this by assuring our knowledge reflects technology leading edge and compliance best practices with global awareness in all we do.

Joe Famulare: “Making a difference” means being able to ensure we can efficiently deliver medicines to patients, and we keep that in front of us while we delve into the many areas of expertise and technology we bring to our membership as part of our goal to deliver high-quality medicines.

2. What Is The One Objective You Believe You Must Achieve In 2017?

Tim Howard: I fully support the initiative championed by our Chair, Mike Arnold, which is to drive greater engagement and involvement with ISPE’s Young Professionals. Success with this objective will reap benefits in the short term as well as in the decades to come.

Jim Breen: I feel we need to progress this industry in the Facility of the Future area so we can deliver quality products at the right time at the right price to our customers around the world. We have added a Facility of the Future category in the ISPE Facility of the Year Awards, and we ran a very successful Facility of the Future event in October 2017 with a great response globally.

Fran Zipp: My personal objective is to support ISPE’s overall goals. Another critical objective from my perspective is to support transparent and timely communication to our entire community and then turn the dialog into action.

Joe Famulare: In achieving one that is important, it is valuing the diversity of our membership from our active programs with Young Professionals, Woman in Pharma, and recognizing the diverse talents we have in all parts of the world, making up ISPE’s strength at present and for the future.

3. How Do You Stay In Touch With Member Concerns And Successes?

Tim Howard: The best way to connect is through the Chapters and Affiliates, which is where most members experience or interact with ISPE as an organization. My goal over the next two years is to attend as many Chapter and Affiliate events as I am able, which will allow me to connect with members.

Jim Breen: By attending our ISPE International events, local Chapter programs, and talking with industry thought leaders. I try to track the pulse of what is important in the industry and the concerns of our members globally. In my job, I interact with many service providers (engineers, builders, consultants, etc.), equipment suppliers, industry organizations, and academic institutions, so I use all these inputs to ensure that what ISPE provides to our members is relevant, timely, and of the best quality.

Fran Zipp: I engage as both a participant and a leader in several educational sessions and find the open discussions most helpful to take a pulse on key concerns and achievements. I also rely on industry contacts, fellow Board members, and ISPE staff to share perspectives—especially from groups such as Young Professionals.

Joe Famulare: Our meetings conferences and training events are the best way. The opportunity to interact and network cannot be underestimated and is the best way to get really frank feedback. We also have electronic forums such as our CoPs and electronic media that are of value to members.

4. How Do You See Ispe Growing Over The Next Three Years?

Tim Howard: I don’t see growth in terms of member numbers or a geographic footprint. I see it as broader access to and collaboration with ISPE’s core body of knowledge. I expect ISPE will continue to improve and evolve with respect to how members can access our body of knowledge and collaborate with industry professionals.

Jim Breen: I see ISPE helping its members prepare for future changes within the industry. Examples include more focus on Young Professionals, members in emerging markets, new training programs, Women in Pharma, Facility of the Future, etc. ISPE is also reaching out to new partners in industry, government agencies, and academia in an effort to develop the best programs for our members. We are much leaner and more flexible, which allows us to react to the changes in the industry.

Fran Zipp: ISPE is continuing to evolve to meet the needs of the changing workforce. Under ISPE and Board of Directors leadership, we are focusing on Young Professionals and Women in Pharma as well as breakthrough technologies and the needs of the global community. We are building on our history of strong technical capabilities to help educate and harmonize across our broad network.

Joe Famulare: ISPE will grow in the diversity of membership, need for new efficient technologies, and the need to make medicines accessible to patients worldwide. I encourage all members to look at our strategic plan, as we are guided by it as a Board of Directors.