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Improving Production Process with Simulation

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As we strive towards an efficient and robust production process, questions regarding achievable production capacity, utilization of equipment, and possible optimization arise. These questions can be answered by taking a holistic approach towards the entire production process. The creation of batch plans, the identification of bottlenecks, as well as the analysis of media consumption and equipment occupancy are made possible by using INOSIM software. ZETA integrates production simulations into the engineering process, providing significant added value for both the design and engineering of planned processes as well as the analysis and optimization of existing process plants.

The ZETA Group is an end-to-end solution provider operating globally and specializing in the design, construction, automation, digitalization and qualification of customer-specific biopharmaceutical systems for aseptic process solutions.

As general planners (EPCM), ZETA manages major, high-complexity pharma projects and specifically reduces interfaces—from the planning and construction of the process system through the cleanroom design up to the technical building infrastructure. This design-build approach accelerates the project execution time by up to 50% and leads to creation of value earlier in the customer’s capex projects. In doing so, ZETA provides an active contribution to the rapid market introduction of vital active ingredients and patients benefit from earlier availability of pharmaceuticals such as anti-cancer medications, insulin and vaccines.

Gantt Chart

The simulation links process recipes and equipment, and provides a time-resolved picture of production in the form of an equipment utilization plan (Gantt chart) and diagrams showing the temporal consumption of media. Interpreted by experts, these results are valuable when making fact-based decisions.

Modular simulation architecture: structure in layers

Modular simulation architecture: structure in layers. In a multi-purpose system, the core process is changed.

Production planning

ZETA is valued for its holistic approach and its comprehensive view of production systems and their infrastructure. The company places particular emphasis on cleanroom and building technology.

Holistic approach

Whether production simulations are used for plant development, process planning, optimization, or production planning, the advantages are always clear: complex systems can be understood much better and different scenarios can be examined in a virtual environment.

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