May / June 2017

Retirement News: MECO Vice President Bob Gray


After 48 years of service, MECO Vice President Robert "Bob" Gray is retiring.

He joined MECO as a sales rep in 1968, after a 23-year career in the US Marine Corps. He became an integral part of the company’s expansion through the 1970s, selling MECO’s first pharmaceutical unit.

Bob Gray
Bob Gray

During his tenure, Bob traveled the world, building relationships with people whose requirement for pure water is critical to their processes and operations. He engineered industry-specific solutions and designed new technologies, including the “BG Special”—a transportable vapor compression unit that defense forces could airlift to any location by helicopter. He became an active member of ISPE in 1981, serving on conference and vendor committees for over 20 years.


Bob Gray
Bob and Diane Gray

Bob Gray earned the trust and respect of his colleagues, clients, and fellow ISPE members. His fame rests securely on the strength of his character and the quality of his contributions to the industry.