A Simplified Integration of Qualified Laboratory Devices with the Asset Administration Shell as the Digital Twin


Plug & play in general describes a piece of equipment that is ready to use upon connecting to a computer without any configuration, like a home printer. Plug & produce has the same vision for manufacturing and aims to enable straightforward integration of new production equipment or a device to substitute or adapt assembly line parts.

Concepts like SiLA (Standardization in Lab Automation) or OPC UA/LADS (Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard) are the groundwork for the standardization of interfaces and data formats of laboratory devices to enable Plug & Produce. However, current standards focus either on technical integration concepts or on information structures. To realize a true Plug & Produce concept, the technical integration, information structure, and pharmaceutical-specific documentation, need to be in place.

This Concept Paper proves a laboratory device integration utilizing the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) metamodel (agnostic to the underlying technology and data structure).