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Rich History of Sharing Knowledge, Challenges, and Solutions at ISPE Events

Sascha D. Sonnenberg
Article - ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering

What differentiates ISPE events, from others organized by commercial event organizers, is the QUALITY of the content. The topics are discussed and prepared by colleagues - not by event organizers who have collected pharmaceutical “buzz words” and don’t truly understand our industry. Speakers at ISPE events are invited because they are close to the industry and can provide inside knowledge on regulatory developments, industry trends, and best practices. The first ISPE Clinical Supply Event I attended took place in Vienna in September 2006. Since receiving my “First Time Attendee” ribbon, I’ve learned a lot at ISPE events from solutions to challenges we are all facing, networking, and sharing my knowledge and expertise with attendees. For me it has been a great experience being a member of a group that is so engaged in the pharmaceutical industry and so eager to share their know-how and to help others improve and grow in their careers. Last year UCB, Belgium hosted the ISPE Clinical Trial Supply event. We had a great group of people enjoying the event, who were engaged with the speakers and working together during the hands-on workshop sessions.

I’m now receiving a “10 year” ribbon and can confidently say sharing knowledge, discussing challenges, and learning about solutions is becoming even more important with the changes happening to the pharmaceutical industry on a daily basis. We all are affected by new regulations and feel the economic pressure to implement innovative solutions and develop more efficient supply chains concepts. By attending the ISPE Europe Annual Conference, you’re opening a door to becoming a part of this dynamic community, to contribute and learn from the discussions, share experiences, and engage yourself in task teams or committee work. We look forward to see you at the ISPE Europe Annual Conference 7-9 March in Frankfurt and future ISPE events