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Modernization, Globalization, and Transformation

Michael L. Rutherford
Annual Meeting keynote speaker

The promise and impact of new and rapidly evolving technology and capabilities is modernizing and transforming our global industry. Hence the theme of the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo – Modernization, Globalization, and Transform. This theme is truly reflective of where the pharmaceutical industry is going to make a real difference to our stakeholders, and especially patients. ISPE is helping to transform our work force of the future though our Women in Pharma and Young Professionals initiatives with dedicated events. Attendees will contribute to the pharmaceutical industry’s growth, evolution, and advancement by supporting these groups and the overall ISPE community at the conference.

I have been involved in the planning process for the ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo for the last five years, and as this year’s Program Chair, I have never been more excited about what this conference can offer. From the dynamic group of keynote speakers to the more than 85 hours of technical sessions and workshops to an exposition hall that provides access to innovative products and technology, this year’s Annual Meeting is a chance to learn, share, and interact with colleagues from around the world at one of the biggest and best events for our industry.

2019 Annual Meeting & Expo banner

Modernization and transformation of medicines prompts pharmaceutical manufacturers to come together with engineers to close the gap between idea and action. Industry topics such as supply management, quality control, and cutting-edge facility equipment will be valuable discussion highlights throughout the detailed education agenda. Solutions to specific challenges such as quality assurance and regulatory compliance are best influenced by collaborative discussion among expert regulators, manufacturers, and other key industry professionals. Senior executives in medicine production can provide guidance and experienced advice to young professionals on handling these crucial pharmaceutical procedures.

For the first time ever at an ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo, students and young professionals will have the opportunity to compete to develop solutions to real world problems in the Hackathon. The title chosen for the event, “hackathon”, is taken from “hack” and “marathon”, where hack is used in the sense of exploratory efforts. Students and Young Professionals can develop lasting connections through these opportunities and events and search for solutions to difficult challenges specific to the industry. Each team identifies the problem and develops efficient and creative ways to resolve the issue. The pharma industry’s ability to adapt with new challenges and innovations succeeds with knowledgeable, creative, and driven leaders on all levels.

The new technology and facility equipment align with the goals and ambitions of industry manufacturers in developing the next generation of pharmaceutical operations. Students can demonstrate to industry leaders how capable, intelligent, and motivated their studies have prepared them and shaped them to be. This new and exciting format has been extremely popular at the last three ISPE Europe Annual Conferences and provides greater networking and collaboration opportunities among students, YPs, industry, and ISPE Staff and Board Members. I had the opportunity to serve as a judge for the 2019 ISPE Europe Annual Conference Hackathon and was really impressed by the innovative thinking and quality of the presentations by the four Hackathon teams.

The future of our industry is in good hands based on what I got to observe during this day and a half event. The Hackathon is a prime opportunity for young professionals to meet future colleagues and allows students to showcase their passion for industry topics. So, I challenge industry management, academic leaders, and ISPE members and groups to identify and sponsor a student or YP’s participation in the first ISPE Annual Meeting Hackathon and attendance at the Conference this year.

Make plans now to attend and take advantage of the early registration discounts before they expire. And don’t forget about the in-depth classroom training courses following the event on 31 October – 1 November. The knowledge, insights, and networks you gain in Las Vegas will not be something that stays in Las Vegas. See you in October at the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo!