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From Member to Board of Directors – My Journey as an ISPE Member

Frances M. Zipp
Frances M. Zipp
Frances M. Zipp
President & CEO
Lachman Consultant Services
Chair of the Nominations Committee and the ISPE Board of Directors Vice Chair

In 2013, I made the decision to run for the ISPE International Board of Directors. I have been involved in ISPE since I first started working in the pharmaceutical industry, many years ago… too many to count. I basically grew up with ISPE; ISPE was my go-to source for information, contributions, networking, and support.

The catalyst for my decision to run for the ISPE International Board of Directors was an informal conversation I had at a technical meeting with a then current Board member. At the time, I was the overall head of quality and compliance for the largest generic company in the world and, as such, was quite busy. However, I always made time for ISPE meetings, documentation reviews, and technical classes. As I had spent my career in branded pharmaceuticals, I reached out to ISPE to help me personally in my role with the generic industry, most notably drug shortage prevention and understanding. ISPE was there for me and I knew I needed to find a way to give back to my colleagues. This informal conversation I had confirmed this for me. I recall feeling a bit awestruck at my orientation meeting of the Board as I was honored to be part of a team of professionals with such diverse and rich backgrounds, all of whom were committed to supporting the pharmaceutical industry.

As pharmaceutical industry leaders we are keenly aware of the changing dynamics of our industry including advances in:

  • Drug delivery models and patient centric healthcare
  • Embedding AI throughout the lifecycle of drug development and supply
  • Harnessing digital and machine learning
  • Preparing our workforce, current and in the future, for the challenges of our industry

ISPE is committed to providing leadership in these critical areas and has recently embarked on an enhancement of our strategic plan to ensure we continue to focus on these areas and to serve our industry.

From the day I started working in the pharmaceutical industry, 35 years ago as a lab analyst, I always knew that this was a privilege and hence I needed to continue to learn and offer support to my colleagues in any way I could. ISPE has allowed me to do such and I am most grateful to the staff, the board, and so many members who I have had the pleasure of interacting with over the years. I assure you, serving as a Board member is fulfilling and allows for professional growth and, honestly often genuine enjoyment.

If you know an industry leader who is a strategic thinker with deep industry knowledge, passionate about our industry and is willing and able to commit their time and talent to ISPE, complete the nominations form by 26 April.

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