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Leadership Means Building Great Teams

Janette Buechler
Women in Pharma Breakfast Session at 2019 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference

At the Women in Pharma® breakfast panel discussion on Powerful Leadership held at the ISPE Facility of the Future Conference, 7 - 8 February in San Francisco, California, five speakers offered perspectives on leadership and team building. The information they shared is universally applicable to both managers and individual contributors; an examination of what makes and good leader and how to become one.

To quote one panelist: “Leadership is about others, not an individual activity.” A great leader develops and works with their team to accomplish goals. It takes time and effort to develop talent but pays dividends when individuals have the confidence, autonomy, and tools to succeed.

One method that great managers use to develop their team is to give them exposure to hard problems. The best managers give opportunities to their team and reward initiative which helps create new leaders.

A panelist remarked that, “A leader needs to have the courage to walk through a door without knowing what is on the other side.” This courage comes from building a strong team that is well-trained and prepared.

We all have a hand in developing leaders by sharing our experience to help others learn and build skills to use in their careers and in everyday life. Watch and listen to how good leaders’ direct people, include others in conversation, see that goals are met, and ensure that credit is given where credit is due. Over time, we can learn to implement these skills to make our own contributions at home and in life impactful and valuable.

I’m excited for the next Women in Pharma® breakfast panel discussion to be held at the 2019 ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on 18 – 20 June in Boston, MA USA. Panelists include biopharma leaders who will share their insights on achieving and the value of gender balance in biomanufacturing. In addition, there will be an opportunity for attendees to participate in breakout group discussions.

Panelists include:

Christina Broomes
Director, Contract Manufacturing
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc
Anne Kantardjieff, PhD
Director of Plasmids and Small Molecules
Vector Manufacturing Group, Bluebird Bio
Marisol Hydock
Process Specialist, MSAT
Whitney Kutney
VP Operations
Valsource Inc

This session is open to everyone – even if you’re not able to attend the conference.

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