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Easy, Affordable Training for Pharmaceutical Professionals


Now more than ever, pharmaceutical professionals are being asked to do more in shorter time periods within tighter financial confinements. In addition, regulations for the industry continue to increase and change rapidly.

To meet this every demanding environment, companies need a highly trained workforce. Studies show that an informed, trained workforce leads to higher efficiency, lower production costs and fewer regulatory risks.

ISPE understands the constraints the industry is facing and is responding to the need. ISPE has developed robust E-learning (on-line) courses to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers, service providers and industry suppliers that are easily accessible and cost efficient. The new ISPE E-learning courses have been designed as informative, interactive experiences, with pre-class assessments to identify knowledge gaps, links to regulatory information and final assessment to measure comprehension. Narrated slides, graphs and checklists demonstrate practical, science-based solutions that have been devised by ISPE instructors, who are industry experts in their field of instruction.

Free demos are available in these areas:

  • Basic Principles of Computerized Systems Compliance: Apply the GAMP® 5 Guide: a Risk-based Approach to Compliant GxP Computerized Systems
  • Biotechnology Basics
  • Containment Fundamentals
  • GMP Auditing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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