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Containment, Multi-Product Facilities, & Robotics: Future of Aseptic Processing

Hite Baker
Michael Faia
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Are you awake and alert? – It’s hard to stay awake and alert to what’s important in the world of sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing. Challenging. A big world. A lot is happening. But the 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference captures what’s important:

Containment, Multi-Product Facilities, & Robotics

If you Google it or check out the 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference website, you’ll get an eyeful. Just do it.

The 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference offers three tracks including Barrier, Aseptic, and Containment, with a total of 27 presentations over two packed days.


Did you know that by the year 2025, every second new biopharmaceutical product will be considered highly potent and/or toxic with the oncology sector driving the growth?

Are you awake and alert?

Multi-Product Facilities

Did you know there’s a strong industry trend toward multi-product facilities with changeover-flexibility delivering high productivity, unimaginable just a few years ago? All the while improving product protection, patient safety, and reliability?

Are you awake and alert?


Did you know that after marking 28 years of the ISPE Aseptic Conference, the most popular new program for several years running now is our Industrial Robot Panel, showcasing experts, vendors, and in 2019 engineering consulting firms?

Are you awake and alert?

Personal Invitation from the Co-Chairs

Hite Baker
Principal Process Engineer
O'Neal Inc.
Michael Faia
Head of R&D Portfolio Management
Harmony Biosciences

Hite Baker and Michael Faia co-chair the Barrier Track of this year’s Aseptic Conference. We are process engineers alike, with decades of cumulative experience with big- and small-pharma and consulting. We want to personally invite you to our strong barrier track line-up which include nine presentations and 12 speakers. We’re offering great case studies telling the stories of world-class sterile facilities, including lessons-learned to help you not to make the same expensive mistakes.

Barrier Track

  • How to modernize legacy sterile facilities using advanced aseptic technology
  • The first licensed, gloveless isolator filling machine
  • Technical presentations showcasing advanced aseptic technology
  • Speakers from Catalent, Fresenius-Kabi, Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing, IPS, Merck, Optima, Robert Bosch, Singota, Swillfillon, and VANRX

We co-chair the Barrier Track but would be remiss not to point out the other two parallel tracks, each featuring nine presentations.

Aseptic Track

  • Cell and gene therapy production systems are a challenge for manufacturing
  • For over two decades, robots have helped to make the aseptic fill-finish processes safer by removing humans further from the process
  • Speakers from Airex, Amgen, BioVigilant, Comecer, Condon AG, Entegris, IPS, Lonza, MedImmune, Novartis, Robert Bosch, RPA Engineering, and University of Maryland

Contamination Track

  • Combined products like ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugates) require PDE (Permitted Daily Exposure) of low nanograms per day level
  • Smaller batches, personalized medicine, and a high demand to prevent cross contamination will be the challenges for aseptic processing in the future
  • Speakers from Airex, Allergan, Bausch & Stroebel, Belimed, Fresenius-Kabi, GESA, Oncotec, Patheon, NNE, Roche, SKAN, ANC-Lavalin, and Takeda

We believe this is a compact, high-value conference offering an unbeatable way to wake up and become alert to what’s important to the Next Steps to the Future of Aseptic Processing.

We hope to see you at the 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference, March 18-19, 2019.