November / December 2019

Pharmaceutical Engineering - Giving Thanks & Reflecting on 2019

Beau Castro
Pharmaceutical Engineering Online

The November-December issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering is published in the months of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and the year-end holidays celebrated around the world, so it seems appropriate to note the many changes to the magazine this year and give thanks to those who have contributed to and supported those changes.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Online

Pharmaceutical Engineering Online launched in November 2018. The site features content from current and recent print issues of Pharmaceutical Engineering as well as the iSpeak blog, and it is easily searchable for faster access to the content that interests you most. Pharmaceutical Engineering Online also publishes content not found anywhere else, such as sponsored content and white papers from various ISPE partners. These offer additional analysis and industry information that enhances Pharmaceutical Engineering’s technical and feature articles. Watch for more new developments on the site next year!

The development, launch, and maintenance of Pharmaceutical Engineering Online has been overseen by the website team at ISPE, headed by Jessica Bleess, Manager, Digital Strategy and Web. Their contributions to creating and maintaining the site allow us to provide a quality online magazine that you can access anywhere you go, and we are thankful for their work in support of the magazine.

The Print Magazine

In 2019, Pharmaceutical Engineering published more than 50 features and technical articles, plus columns, member profiles, and other content, in the print magazine. Much of this content was developed, sourced, and/or reviewed by members of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee (PEC), led by Ferdinando Aspesi, Chair. The Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee provided additional support through an extensive overhaul of internal editorial and production processes this year. Thank you to the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee for your support and your continued commitment to providing quality content to ISPE members.

Two freelance editorial consultants, Heather Saunders (Just The Write Type) and Elizabeth Nishiura, provide exceptional editorial and operations support to the magazine. The “look” of the magazine continues to evolve with design work by THOR Design Studio that helps define our brand and ties in with the Pharmaceutical Engineering Online site. These invaluable members of our team enhance the quality of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Authors

Finally, thanks to all the authors who contributed content to this year’s issues of Pharmaceutical Engineering. Your expertise and knowledge support the important and life-saving work of ISPE members. The expanded coverage of critical topics such as biopharmaceutical manufacturing—this issue’s theme—helps inform the industry about changing trends and the role that ISPE members play in bringing new trends to life. The reviewers who provided subject-matter expertise must also be recognized for their contributions that help the authors to fine tune their articles.

We recognize the outstanding finalists and winner of the 2018 Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year award. Congratulations to the authors of the “best of the best” articles during 2018. We look forward to assessing articles published in 2019 for next year’s award and anticipate with excitement all future submissions. Best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season, and for a happy new year.

The 2018 finalists: