November / December 2018

Welcome to the New Pharmaceutical Engineering Online

Beau Castro

In November, ISPE introduces PE Online, a new web-based reading platform for Pharmaceutical Engineering. It is your central place for PE content, including information on trends, developments, technology, and scientific research. PE Online is part of the main ISPE website, providing easy access to PE and other important ISPE information, including member benefits, conferences, training, and Guidance Documents. PE Online’s responsive design is compatible with any device, to give you an optimal reading experience.

What’s on the site?

PE Online contains all the content found in the print magazine—including current issue articles—plus the popular iSpeak blog and an extensive PDF archive of past issues. One helpful new feature will allow you to search for specific content by topic. In addition to posting some content before it’s available in print, we also plan to include online-only exclusives and add feature content with whitepapers from ISPE partners.

Is PE Online for ISPE members only?

Access to all content on PE Online continues to be a benefit for ISPE members only. The new site may offer limited “open access” to nonmembers for some articles we deem important to the industry. In this way we’ll be able to spotlight PE content and draw attention to ISPE’s research and technical discussions. Open-access content also introduces PE and ISPE to more people around the world.

How can you submit an article to PE Online?

We welcome content submissions from our members. Instructions for submitting content are on the new site. Our user-friendly information page should help answer your questions.

Will ISPE continue to publish print PE?

Yes, you will continue to receive the print version of PE six times a year as part of your ISPE membership.

Is print PE changing?

We are updating the print magazine’s design with a more modern look to make it easier to read and enjoy. You’ll see some of this same design online: clean, crisp, and very easy to read and search. PE will continue to publish technical and other content in both print and online, even as it expands to include more types of content. The newest addition, ISPE Briefs, provides short articles about Chapter and Affiliate events and other ISPE news.

Can you still access PE on the app or flip book?

As part of our transition to PE Online, the app and flip book have been discontinued. All PE online content is available at the PE Online site. The new online site and updates to the print magazine are part of ISPE’s mission to improve and enhance your member benefits. Please let us know what you think about PE Online and the updated print PE magazine: We look forward to PE’s growth in 2019 and wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season.