May / June 2023

Emerging Leaders Editorial: Emerging Leaders Seek to Inspire, Connect, & Elevate

Zen-Zen Yen
Emerging Leaders Editorial: Emerging Leaders Seek to Inspire, Connect, & Elevate

ISPE’s Emerging Leaders (EL) Steering Committee is taking time to get our foundation right so that we can help drive change and empower young pharmaceutical engineering professionals to pursue their dreams. Our vision and mission will serve as the pillar for how we engage with Emerging Leaders and students around the world, stay true to our goals, and adapt to regional requirements.

As a member of ISPE for a number of years, I have seen the organization grow and change, adapting to industry trends, scientific advancements, and pharmaceutical needs. Recently, the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee refined its vision and mission to better encompass what we do. As we continue to grow, we seek to inspire, connect, and elevate, and we can’t wait to show you what those terms mean to us.


The Emerging Leaders Steering Committee believes that the future of the pharmaceutical industry lies in the hands of the talented individuals who are committed to making a difference. We’re here to inspire and guide those future leaders toward achieving their goals and realizing their full potential.

If you’re looking for inspiration or have an idea to make a positive impact, this is the place to be. In 2017, we organized our first Hackathon. What began as a random thought quickly evolved into an exhilarating new concept that connects Emerging Leaders and students across the globe and encourages them to think creatively about real-life industry challenges. The Hackathon has become an integral part of ISPE conferences and attracts a growing audience every year. Without the support of ISPE, the Communities of Practice, and many experts who volunteer their time, this would have never become reality.

We want to inspire students to pursue a career in pharma. It may not be the first option they consider, but for those passionate about making a difference and saving lives, a career in the pharmaceutical industry can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment that is difficult to find in many other fields.


In the world of pharmaceutical engineering, connection helps us answer the big questions and produce out-of-the-box results. By connecting leaders at all levels, we’ve built a sounding board for ideation, collaboration, and new perspectives. As Emerging Leaders ourselves, we recognize the importance of building and nurturing connections. This network has provided many of us with exceptional opportunities we might not have had otherwise, and as our network continues to expand, so do our possibilities.

While it may be easy to connect with peers in the same industry and company, our network goes beyond this by facilitating connections across various functions, companies, and locations. A regulatory professional, for example, offers valuable insights to a pharmaceutical manufacturing specialist, but these collaborations might not happen. To address this challenge, ISPE created a framework to facilitate connections and empower our members to make the connections required to thrive.


Elevating the quest for knowledge is essential for personal and professional growth. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends and developments. Additionally, learning new skills and knowledge can help individuals broaden their perspectives. Through ISPE’s conferences and educational sessions, I have been able to learn about innovations within the pharmaceutical industry.

Elevating education is also crucial for societal progress, with ISPE’s new Technology Without Borders initiative, knowledge documents, and trainings being made available in the areas of the world where there’s a need.

New Vision, Same ISPE Emerging Leaders

Being part of ISPE and meeting so many amazing leaders has been the opportunity of a lifetime. As we continue to inspire, connect, and elevate, we will work together to propel this community into the future of pharmaceutical engineering.

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