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International Women’s Day Is 8 March

Edyna Miguez
International Women’s Day Is 8 March

The new year is here and, with that, another International Women’s Day approaches! This incredibly important global movement, which takes place every 8 March, celebrates women’s achievements, raises awareness about discrimination, and advocates for accelerated equality and gender parity. ISPE’s Women in Pharma® community strives to accomplish all these goals through regional and international programming.

Each year, those spearheading International Women’s Day launch a theme that further drives the mission of the movement, and this theme serves as the jumping off point for ISPE’s Women in Pharma international programming. In previous years, the themes were Break The Bias and Embrace Equity. This year, the theme is Inspire Inclusion.

Creating a more inclusive and equitable pharmaceutical industry is the driving force behind ISPE’s Women in Pharma. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Women in Pharma will host a series of in-person and virtual events throughout March, including webinars, Emerging Leaders Day, and networking events. Be sure to head to the Women in Pharma webpage

( to see the calendar of events for this year’s International Women’s Day and learn how to get involved. You can also read about our work to create a more equitable industry for women and other marginalized groups.

Learn more information on ISPE’s International Women’s Day efforts, including past campaigns and this year’s events.

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