Special Reports
July / August 2020

Special Report COVID-19 Impact

Beau Castro
Deborah Tolomeo, PhD, JD
Karen Hirshfield, RPh
Diane L. Hustead
Wendy T. Haines, PhD, DABT, CQA
Frieda Wiley, PharmD
Special Report COVID-19 Impact

Pharmaceutical Engineering® COVID-19 Impact Survey: How the Industry Is Responding

Pharmaceutical Engineering® COVID-19 Impact Survey: How the Industry is Responding to the Pandemic

In late April and early May, Pharmaceutical Engineering surveyed over 50 ISPE members who hold leadership positions within the Society about the pandemic’s impact. This article shares highlights from their feedback.

Special report

Engage with Health Authorities to Mitigate and Prevent Drug Shortages

This article offers an overview of the pathways for a drug manufacturer to notify and collaborate with health authorities to minimize the impact of drug shortages, whether or not there is an ongoing pandemic or large-scale disruptive event.

Special report

Pandemic Preparedness and Business Continuity

This article updates a 2006 Pharmaceutical Engineering® Online Exclusive article, “Avian Flu—Is My Company Prepared?” Although that article focused on preparation for an influenza pandemic, its key points are relevant to any type of epidemiological threat—including COVID-19.

Special report

How Vaccines Are Developed

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the science of vaccine development. As the world awaits a vaccine for the coronavirus, manufacturers face unprecedented pressure to respond quickly and deliver a safe and efficacious product.