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Training 2016: Take Charge of Your Career


As pharmaceutical manufacturers, we’re used to change. Advancing technology, updated systems, and new research are constantly forcing us to learn and adapt. But, being used to this kind of constant change doesn’t necessarily make it easy. A qualified staff is critical to meeting GMP compliance and maintaining successful operations, and that’s where ISPE Training can help you.

In 2016, our goal is to serve as the catalyst for solutions that influence global public health. We aim to ensure the safety of the world’s supply of medicines through a body of knowledge viewed by manufacturing professionals as the go-to information resource. Training can be the difference between successful operations and regulatory complications. Between the new ISPE Training Institute, location training, on-site training, eLearning, we’re creating more education opportunities this year than ever before. ISPE offers training on a wide variety of subjects – from introductory to advanced learning levels.

Our courses include lecture, group exercises, case studies and the utilization of ISPE Guidance Documents to provide you with tangible takeaways for immediate application on the job. If you need to brush up on GAMP® 5 Computerized Systems, join us for Basic GAMP® 5, Part 11 and Annex 11 and our new GAMP® Data Integrity training in January at the ISPE Training Institute, located within the ISPE offices in Tampa, FL with a world-class airport just minutes away and several hotels within walking distance. In these GAMP® courses, you’ll explore the fundamentals of regulatory requirements and learn how to implement proper data control. And, if you can’t make it this month, don’t worry – we’re offering courses at the ISPE Training Institute monthly on topics like C&Q, Biotechnology, GAMP®, GMP, HVAC, Process Validation, Water, and more.

You’ll be able to gain solutions to your company’s immediate goals, like lowering production costs, improving process efficiency, increasing production quality and meeting regulatory requirements. Interested in learning more about HVAC and C&Q? Come to the ISPE Training Institute in February! We’re also offering courses on Biotechnology, Process Validation, Technology Transfer, GMP Auditing, and GAMP® 5 Process Control Systems. Need to train an entire team or department? ISPE will come to your facility! When you sign up for on-site training, our instructors will work with you to create a dynamic instructional program for your employees to receive the training they need to ensure safe and consistent drug development. You can save on travel expenses and learn on your own schedule with ISPE’s eLearning courses. Our online training helps you expand your skills and knowledge from the comfort of your own desk. Our training courses are your key to success this year. Get ahead in 2016 with ISPE Training.