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Thomas Zimmer to Become Academie Francaise des Pharmaciens Foreign Member

Thomas Zimmer, PhD
VP European Operations

ISPE is pleased to announce that the Academie Nationale de Pharmacie has invited ISPE’s VP of European Operations Thomas Zimmer, PhD, to become a “Membre Correspondant Etranger” (Foreign Member). The Academy limits members from outside of France to 30 Membre Correspondant Etrangers, so it is indeed an honor for Thomas to be recognized with this exclusive invitation. Thomas, who lives in Germany, has been with ISPE since 2005.

Originally the Society of Pharmacy of Paris, the Academie Nationale de Pharmacie was founded in 1803. Recognized as a public utility in 1877, it became the Academie in 1946 and was named the Academie Nationale de Pharmacie in 1979. The Academie focuses on all areas of medicine, including public health, pharmacy, and health security, among other areas. Frequently consulted by different international ministries and various Agencies, the Academie develops reports and issues opinions or recommendations intended for public authorities, health professionals, and the general public. It approaches its topics with a multidisciplinary, rigorous, and scientific approach. Up to 20% of its members are non-pharmacists; this small percentage is made up of doctors, scientists, lawyers, and others.

“This is a great honor for me,” said Thomas. “I will have my inauguration in Paris in April/May with a scientific presentation in the local language. I’m very excited.” John Bournas, ISPE’s CEO and President, agrees. “We are proud of Thomas and look forward to hearing more about the stimulating work he will be undertaking as a Foreign Member of the Academie Francaise des Pharmaciens,” he said.

On behalf of all of ISPE, a hearty congratulations on this momentous achievement.