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Member Spotlight: Kinza Hussain

Member Spotlight
Kinza Hussain
Kinza Hussain
MCPHS Student

Tell us a little about yourself – what year you are in at MCPHS, what is your major, and what attracted you to that major?

I am a recent Bachelor of Science graduate from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I completed a four-year major in Medical and Molecular Biology with a minor in Pre-Medical Health Studies. As a freshman in college, I knew that I wanted to go to medical school one day. I chose to major in Molecular Biology to become educated in the life sciences and incorporate research into my academic career.

When did you join ISPE, and what are some of the great benefits you have gotten from your membership with the organization?

I joined ISPE towards the end of March 2018. The moment I joined, I began to benefit from multiple ISPE events. ISPE helped me immerse myself into several networking opportunities. I have met several industry employees and other students passionate about their research. I’ve learned a lot and have had the opportunity to compete. The research poster competition in April was the best experience I had to wrap up my last year in college.

What was the local poster competition like for you?

The local poster competition in Worcester was open to all students in the New England area who had a passion for research. Several of my friends from MCPHS participated. We were all very supportive of each other and were greeted with kindness and generosity at the competition site. I had the opportunity to meet several other ISPE members and share my cholera research with them. I also had ample time to walk around and listen to other students’ presentations and learn about the important work they do in their labs.

What are you most looking forward to when you attend the 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo and participate in the International Student Poster Competition in November?

I am very excited to attend the 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo. I anticipate networking with several amazing people who share the same interests as me. Not only will be I be participating in the International Student Poster Competition but also the Young Professionals Networking Event. What is so great about this annual meeting is that I can participate in several events as a student member. I am excited to learn new things from the new people I will meet. I encourage anyone who has not already a member to join ISPE and jump start their careers.

Any comments on the future of the industry and your upcoming career in it? What are your hopes and aspirations?

ISPE has already helped me succeed towards my future career goals. Medical school looks for well-rounded applicants every year, and ISPE has helped me add to my own application. I hope to attend medical school during Fall 2019 and pursue a residency in surgery one day.