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Member Spotlight: ISPE Young Professionals in Europe

Zen-Zen Yen
Caroline Kustermans, Eng.
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Our Young Professionals (YPs) community has been growing over the last couple of years and we are working hard building Young Professionals groups within European Affiliates. In this edition of ISPE Update, we would like to put the spotlight on all the European Young Professionals, the work they do, and the value they create within ISPE.

With ISPE Young Professionals present in more than 15 countries in more than 10 ISPE Affiliates, Young Professionals are well represented all over Europe. Our Young Professional member base counts over 250 registered members today and attracts more and more every year. Each Affiliate includes young industry professional chairs committed to actively contributing to ISPE and creates value for members in many different ways.

The efforts of Young Professionals in all the Affiliates offer opportunities to learn and to network through seminars and networking sessions developed specifically for Young Professionals, along with online webinars, co-chairing opportunities, and active preparation and participation during ISPE Europe conferences. Young Professionals have a seat at the table in the Communities of Practice (COPs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and many more. In addition, HACKATHON meetings, facilitated and moderated by senior ISPE Young Professional volunteers, provide a good opportunity to explore new ground and new content for Young Professionals.

Recently, a new EU Young Professional Leadership Team has been nominated to organize and guide the strategic efforts of the Young Professionals community in Europe. Zen-Zen Yen from the DACH Affiliate and Caroline Kustermans from the Belgium Affiliate have been appointed European Young Professional chair and co-chair respectively; they are excited and motivated to guide the European Affiliates and bring them closer together as a whole.

In the coming years, some of the main goals are to connect Young Professional Affiliates on a regional level to build a broader network for Young Professionals to tap into, facilitate a continuous knowledge exchange by creating opportunities for all to contribute on a larger scale within ISPE, and ensure the value Young Professionals create is visible on a regional and global level so we can all learn from each other on how to strengthen our communities and be the leaders of the future.

To further support ISPE Young Professionals, ISPE will be communicating with decision makers in industry corporations to outline the benefits for Young Professionals and the companies sending Young Professionals to ISPE events and working groups.

The Young Professional members in our communities truly are the leaders of the future – and all are eager to learn, connect, and grow. We encourage you to engage with and welcome these early industry professionals into our ISPE family and we ask you to be a source of support and encouragement for Young Professional development in every way possible.

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