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Member Spotlight: Edwin Harmon

Member Spotlight
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Edwin L. Harmon, III
Vice President of Engineering, Facilities and Validation
LSNE - Contract Manufacturing Organization

Edwin Harmon, Vice President of Engineering, Facilities, and Validation with LSNE and active member of the ISPE Boston Area Chapter (Board Member), is reaching his 30th anniversary as an ISPE Member. We talked with Edwin to find out about some of his experiences and discover what he has learned over three decades with the Society.

You are about to celebrate 30 years as a member of ISPE. Can you share with us some of the experiences you’ve had and what has led you to maintain such a lengthy and loyal participation?

Since joining ISPE, I have benefitted tremendously, both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed many opportunities to meet some wonderful colleagues, and I continue to learn and leverage best practices about our industry, technologies, and other important industry standards and requirements. I have attended many conferences and have developed numerous professional relationships. Being a member has helped me significantly. My passion for making drugs to eradicate, cure, diagnose and/or treat diseases drives me every day to maintain my association with the ISPE. The organization provides a platform for sharing, collaborating, and leveraging opportunities to connect as we consider the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing and the emerging needs in advancing the solutions that lead to improved patient health.

What do you think ISPE has done to help you, and other members, from a career perspective as well as a personal perspective – meaning, the people you’ve met; the network you’ve established; the connections that came from ISPE.

I have met and networked with many professionals that have helped me refine my professional career path, which has enabled me to be successful today. I encourage colleagues to get involved, participate, attend our forums, and join a local ISPE Chapter or Affiliate-- the opportunities are endless and rewarding. I also encourage students to participate in or join ISPE student chapters. The affiliation and people I met plus the knowledge and experience acquired along the way have made all the difference in leading to a professional, successful career. It’s one of the best organizations to be involved with. I am also honored to be an ISPE Boston Area Chapter Board Member.

Any advice for new members – students, Young Professionals, and folks new to the industry – as they begin their journey with ISPE?

Being part the ISPE is an enriching experience. Nobody should be more interested in your professional development than you –You owe it to yourself. An investment in your learning and development is a valuable investment. Sharing our industry best practices in is one of the ISPE priorities. Get involved with your student chapters, young professionals, and industry members. It is going to be rewarding for your professional development and industry experience. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other people with similar interests.