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Join ISPE for the Best Pharma Event of the Year!

Jennifer Lauria Clark, CPIP
Join ISPE for the Best Pharma Event of the Year!
2019 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo

In just a few short days, people will gather from all over the world in Nevada for the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo to focus on modernization, globalization, and transformation in pharmaceutical science and manufacturing across the globe, offering pharma professionals the opportunity to engage in industry-critical conversations.

Our planning team has committed to providing each of you with an extraordinary experience. Whether or not you are a student participating in the Hackathon, a young professional talking about career advancement, or discussing the next drug discovery, the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo will not disappoint its’ attendees.

We have heard from our Track Directors Lisa J. Graham, PhD, PE and Sarah Mancini, PhD in the iSpeak Blog, Agile Lab to Launch, Continuous Manufacturing, & Novel Therapies: The Future of Pharma Process Development & Manufacturing, that "...there is opportunity to leverage innovative manufacturing processes….and an agile mindset to adapt to the current needs of patients.” To learn more about continuous manufacturing and novel therapies, check out the Process Development and Manufacturing track.

We read from Track Directors, Michael K. O'Brien, PhD and Steven R. Miller, CPIP in their iSpeak Blog, Benefits of Prefabricated Modular/Podular BioPharma Facility Construction, that “Conventional manufacturing facilities require extensive capital outlay and construction time. Although designed to last more than 20 years, these brick-and-mortar facilities contain built-in operating equipment anchored into the facility’s substructure, mandating major renovation for equipment reconfiguration and upgrades.” To learn more about conventional manufacturing, check out the Innovation Forum Education track.

The planning team is particularly curious to hear how different companies are tackling Pharma 4.0, the Digital Transformation, innovation and drug delivery, along with the regulatory perspectives, as well as our newly added ISPE Discovery Stage in 2019. While there are incredible education sessions every day, please make sure to attend the keynote sessions featuring industry thought leaders who are paving the way to making a global difference in our patient population.

The Main Event (Keynotes)

William Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Roche Pharmaceutical Global Engineering

I am very interested in hearing Bill Anderson, CEO Roche Pharmaceuticals, share how Roche is transforming to deliver breakthroughs faster. We will have the opportunity Sunday to hear his insights into how Roche pursues new solutions for life-threatening diseases, like cancer and neurological disorders, by combining advanced diagnostics, big data/ analytics and targeted therapies to provide better, more personalized care for each patient.

Lou W. Kennedy
CEO and Owner
Nephron Pharmaceuticals

Lou Kennedy, CEO and Owner of Nephron Pharmaceuticals will share with us about training tomorrow’s workforce. Our Workforce of the Future initiative is thriving and hearing the thoughts of Lou will help tie together ISPE’s initiative with her experience in developing a competent and successful workforce.

Pierre-Alain Ruffieux, Head of Pharma Technical Operations at Roche, will talk about leading a journey of transformation for Roche TechOps to enhance speed and delivery, while maintaining high quality, and doing what is right for employees, patients and society. He will explain that yes, it is possible to focus on continuous improvement for long term results while setting the organization up for delivering short term wins in a rapidly evolving environment.

Jessica H.
Patient Presenter

A strong, brave, and tough woman named Jessica will be sharing her patient journey with us and telling the group how she is thriving with her new normal.

John Crowley
Chairman & CEO, Co-Founder
Amicus Therapeutics

Chairman and CEO, Co-Founder, John Crowley, Amicus Therapeutics will also be joining the stage to communicate his involvement with biotechnology stems from the 1998 diagnosis of two of his children with Pompe disease—a severe and often fatal neuromuscular disorder. He is truly a pioneer and a champion in gene therapy space.

Placeholder Person Graphic
Alberto Santagostino
Senior Vice President, Head of Cell & Gene Technologies
Lonza AG

Alberto Santagostino, Senior Vice President, Head of Cell and Gene Technologies, Lonza AG, is set to share with us how Lonza is setting itself up to achieve industrialization and bring curative therapies to the general population. He will discuss the complexities around manufacturing of cell and gene therapies at a large scale.

Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD
Former Principal Deputy Commissioner, US FDA

Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA will be sharing her perspective on developments surrounding Artificial Intelligence and how they will impact the pharma industry, how FDA is looking at modernizing infrastructure and addressing new kinds of data, and the future of personalized medicines.

As you can see, we have a full line up of respected keynote speakers, focused on giving us their views on moving forward during this exceptional time to be in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Combining Education and Networking

We will also get to participate in the infamous Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) presentations to see which of the selected companies, chosen for excellence in each category will be named our overall FOYA winner Sunday, October 27th at the meeting. Learn more about all of the 2019 ISPE Facility of the Year Awards category winners.

Our Women in Pharma® community is hosting a series of dinners on Monday night to connect all professionals interested in advancing their career and discussing the importance of mentorship in the workplace.


By attending the Pharma event of the year, you will leave the conference having:

  • A strong level of technical knowledge through peer-reviewed non-commercial education content from recognized experts in the field
  • Expanded your professional network throughout the conference in educational sessions, the exhibit hall, and numerous special events
  • Enhancing your individual and company’s recognition among industry colleagues through face-to-face interaction

No matter where you are in your career there is something for you this year at the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo. Clinical phase professionals, consulting engineers, equipment manufacturers, information systems professionals, project managers, pharmaceutical executives, quality and regulatory professionals, services providers, students, and young professionals are all invited and welcome to participate in the premier pharmaceutical event of the year. Make the most of your time at the conference and I look forward to seeing y’all soon!