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ISPE Affiliate & Chapter Highlights - July 2018

Ricardo V. Miranda
Brazil Conference

Brazil’s Annual Cold Chain Day

Sao Paulo, Brazil

In July, ISPE Brazil Affiliate held its’ 8th annual Brazilian Cold Chain Day, immersing attendees in the study of good pharmaceutical practices related to temperature control logistics. More than 50 professionals from different areas and companies in Brazil and abroad learned and shared knowledge, experience, and best practices in the market, while enjoying an outstanding networking opportunity.

The cold chain market in Brazil controls more than $3 billion USD/year in imports and exports. In addition to a growing challenge in compliance requirements throughout Latin America, the need for continuous training and enhancement of the various individuals that contribute to this vital aspect of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain ensure the success of this event, year after year.

Cold Chain Day instructors, each of which is a member of the ISPE Brazil Affiliate, included:

  • Ricardo Miranda, RM Consulting
  • Liana Montemor, Grupo Polar
  • Alexandre Dantas Vale, World Courier
  • Fausto Bartolo, Novo Nordisk

ISPE Thailand Recognizes 15 Years in Business at its’ Annual Meeting

By: Totsopan Santitewagun, ISPE Thailand President

The ISPE Thailand Affiliate celebrated its 15th anniversary at its’ 2018 Annual Meeting on July 16-18. More than 350 participants at the event were comprised of regulators from our neighbor countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines Affiliate Board Members, and delegates from Thailand and overseas. This was the first ISPE meeting with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in which regulators from Myanmar and Laos, both of which are in CLVM (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar) countries, participated in the event. The regulatory sessions were led by Bob Tribe, the ISPE Regulatory Affairs Adviser.


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