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How Different Will Manufacturing Facilities of the Future Be from Today?

Anthony D. Haskell, PMP, LEED BD+C
ISPE 2016 Facilities of the Future Conference

I am excited to have the opportunity to write the second blog in a series for the ISPE 2016 Facilities of the Future Conference.  As the information and details of the conference continue to expand, the hope is to get you excited about the educational sessions with a short Q&A with some of the presenters.  If that doesn’t work then you can always attend for the networking and continue education credits! A series of questions were sent out to some of the keynote speakers and presenters to gain their insight on who would benefit from attending the conference, what they can expect to learn and their thoughts on the Stakeholders Summit planned for the last day of the conference.

The two-day ISPE 2016 Facilities of the Future conference will explore the question “How different will future manufacturing facilities be from what we know today?”

Who should attend this conference?

Each day will feature multiple keynote speakers for each special educational sessions.  This will provide diverse perspectives on new innovative technologies and concepts that will shape the future of this industry.  People working in manufacturing, quality, facilities, and engineering at pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the knowledge and experience of the presenters as well as employees of engineering companies, equipment suppliers, and consulting companies involved in the pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing.

What can an attendee expect to take home from their experience at this conference?

An attendee can expect to learn about the new partnership structures that are influencing and shaping the landscape of the global pharmaceutical industry and also about the emerging technologies, challenges, and solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Stakeholders Summit is a very interesting concept, what possible challenges/outcomes should attendees expect?

The Stakeholders Summit is general session being held at the conclusion of the conference. This session will be a town hall format that will allow attendees and presenters to challenge the ideas and concepts shared over the previous two days.  Attendees should expect an environment that supports a rich and engaging dialogue and be prepared to challenge conventional thinking that will help propel the industry forward and change the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Hopefully, this has sparked your interest in the ISPE 2016 Facilities of the Future Conference being held on 14-15 November 2016 in Bethesda, MD. Register Now - ISPE 2016 Facilities of the Future Conference