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ISPE Volunteer Week Spotlight: Communities of Practice & FOYA Volunteers

ISPE Volunteer week

COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented change and disruption to each of our daily lives. All of us around the world are touched by the current pandemic, whether it be personal hardship or professional life challenges. We have seen our communities and our industry rally to work together for the good of public health and humanity. Our ISPE family is no different; several of our local Affiliates and Chapters have led efforts within their community or country to support responses to the impact of COVID-19.

Our network of Members and volunteers is being leveraged for tremendous positive impact in many places around the world. ISPE is celebrating our volunteers from 27 April - 1 May during ISPE Volunteer Week. Each day we will be spotlighting a group of ISPE volunteers highlighting the ways they are getting involved at ISPE to make an impact with the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Nissan Cohen
Biopharmaceutical Water Doc

Volunteer Roles: Critical Utilities (CU) Committee Member, Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee (PEC) Committee Member, Water and Steam Guide Team Lead, PE Article Reviewer, Online Community Champion

Nissan has been an active ISPE member since 1995 and is an experienced subject matter expert in his topic area. He is a passionate advocate for ISPE around the world, attending and speaking at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia, and in India is even known as “Dr. Nissan”. Nissan is, by far, our most active and prolific participant on the ISPE online community by posting in numerous communities – sharing his experience and insights with members around the world. Nissan has been a champion in the community since its inception and without his participation, we would not have nearly the engagement of the ISPE community.

In addition to his Community activity, Nissan is an active member on the CU committee, has authored numerous articles in PE and has previously won Article of the Year. He was a lead on the Water and Steam Guide which set records for quick publication and participated on an ISPE Best Practices webinar overview of the guide.

Brian Pochini, CPIP
Principal Engineer

Volunteer Roles: Critical Utilities Past Chair, Annual Meeting Program Committee – 2020 F&E Track Director, PE Article Reviewer, Water and Steam Guide Team Lead, Other Guide contributor (Sampling), past committee member to C&Q, HVAC

Brian has been an ISPE member since 2004. He is a fearless advocate for ISPE and the Pharma Industry. He has Chaired the Critical Utilities committee and currently is a Track Director for the 2020 Annual Meeting’s Facilities and Equipment Track. Brian also serves as an article reviewer for PE magazine, where he uses his knowledge as an SME to critically review articles to make sure we are sending accurate and honest technical information out to the world.

Brian has been a great resource and sounding board when there are questions about CU or the pharma industry. Brian is quick to take on a challenge and when one volunteer role ends, he’s first in line to ask, “What’s next?”

Christian Wölbeling
Executive Industry Advisor
Körber Pharma Software GmbH

Volunteer Roles: Knowledge Network Council Chair, PAT&LCS Committee Member, Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee (PEC) Article Reviewer, Pharma 4.0 SIG Chair/Leader, various SIG leader/participant – Plug and Produce, GAMP Data Integrity, GAMP Blockchain, GAMP Cloud, DACH Affiliate participant

Christian has been an ISPE member since 2001. He is a great champion of the CoPs by helping to lead the Knowledge Network Council over the last 4 years (2 as chair, 2 as co-chair). He has been focused on improving communication and collaboration within the CoP and assisted in formalizing ISPE special interest groups. He strives to make sure the CoPs receive acknowledgement for their work in driving the Pharma Industry forward. He has been a passionate advocate and driver in the Pharma 4.0 initiative within ISPE, helping to educate members on this new modality by participating in a podcast, webinar, and leading Pharma 4.0 conferences and tracks at ISPE events. He has also written numerous articles on Pharma 4.0 and has proposed creating new guidance on the subject.

Additionally, Christian has been an active member of several committees and special interest groups while actively participating in the DACH Affiliate.

Nicholas C. Davies, M.Sc., C.Eng.
Managing Partner, Co-Chair Operations, Management COP
Verta Life Sciences

Volunteer Roles: Co-chair Supply Chain, Operations and Packaging (SCOPE COP), Operations Management CoP Past Chair, Serialization SIG member, Knowledge Network Council member

Nick has been an ISPE member since 1992. He has been active on a variety of committees over the year in the Supply Chain arena. Nick has always been a great resource on topics such as Serialization and Operations Management. Most recently, Nick quickly helped ISPE organize a webinar on Supply Chain Challenges around the COVID-19 crisis. In under three weeks, Nick assembled a panel of supply chain experts and then moderated a live panel Q&A which received a tremendous response from members. His insight and leadership on the webinar are just what ISPE looks for in strong volunteer leadership and responsiveness.

The FOYA Dream Team

Antonio C. Crincoli, PE
Vice President of Global Engineering
Catalent Pharma Solutions

ISPE member since 2003
Volunteer Role: FOYA Judges Chair, Engineering Council Chair, Past ISPE Board member

Dave DiProspero
Senior Fellow | Director of Pharmaceutical Process Technology

ISPE member since 1994
Volunteer Role: FOYA Committee Past Chair, FOYA Advocate, OSD Committee Past Chair and Member, OSD Guide Team Leader and more

ISPE member since 1998
Volunteer Role: FOYA Committee Chair, FOYA Advocate, Process/Product Development Chair, Leader in the Rocky Mountain Chapter

We can’t say enough wonderful things about our FOYA Dream team – each of these members has been integral to the success of the FOYA program in the last years. From helping to select the winners (Tony and the judges), to announcing them to the Membership in Dublin in 2019 and virtually in 2020 (Tony and Dave), to helping support ISPE execute its most successful FOYA Program yet in 2019 (Avril, Tony and Dave).

All three, as well as additional team members, are fierce advocates of the FOYA program. They provide strong support of ISPE efforts in promoting FOYA around the world and encouraging their clients and companies to submit their projects, year after year. They offer great insight into the technical and science design of the program and lend their support at the Annual Meeting by emceeing the banquet (Dave), moderating the technical session (Avril), and welcoming and honoring the individual winners throughout the event. The nominator of these volunteers couldn’t imagine running the FOYA program without this amazing team!

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