May / June 2020

ISPE Briefs - Pharmaceutical Engineering® Online Exclusives: Another Content Resource

Beau Castro
Pharmaceutical Engineering®

Pharmaceutical Engineering® has launched another new section on the Pharmaceutical Engineering Online site: Online Exclusives. Pharmaceutical Engineering Online Exclusives are articles published exclusively on the Pharmaceutical Engineering website. This new feature expands the content available to Pharmaceutical Engineering readers and offers another way for ISPE to provide value to our members.

Online Exclusives include features, technical content, and interviews—the same types of content published in the print and online editions of Pharmaceutical Engineering. Online Exclusives is part of Pharmaceutical Engineering, just as Pharmaceutical Engineering Online itself is part of the magazine. Having the ability to publish new content on the web site allows ISPE to deliver more content to readers. And the schedule for this content won’t be driven by the publication dates of the print magazine; Online Exclusives content will be added more frequently.

All  Pharmaceutical Engineering® content is reviewed and edited according to the same quality standards, whether published in print or online. This includes subject matter expert peer review and copyediting by technical editors. See the Author Guidelines for more information on Pharmaceutical Engineering’s processes—they are designed to provide high-quality, relevant content to the industry.

Access to Online Exclusives

As with all Pharmaceutical Engineering content, Online Exclusives content is eligible for the Open Access pilot, which means that it may be unlocked for viewing by any visitors to the Pharmaceutical Engineering Online site. Content not included in the pilot is locked for viewing only by ISPE members.

Other Online-Only Content

 Pharmaceutical Engineering® Online already features original online-only content through the popular iSpeak blog, and in White Papers and Sponsored Content that are provided by ISPE partners. None of the online-only content is published in the print Pharmaceutical Engineering, but it shares space on the ISPE website alongside Pharmaceutical Engineering content. This is part of ISPE’s ongoing expansion of content for our members and the scientific and engineering community.

Submission Process

If you would like to publish a Pharmaceutical Engineering Online Exclusive, please follow the usual process for submitting content for consideration through the Pharmaceutical Engineering ScholarOne site. With your submission, please indicate that you would like your article to be considered for Online Exclusives. You can find submission information and more in the Author Guidelines.

Looking Ahead: 2020 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Philadelphia

Pharmaceutical Engineering® will be at the 2020 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Philadelphia, and we hope to see you there!

One scheduling change to note: Due to the US Election Day on 3 November, the traditional Tuesday Night Party will move to Monday, 2 November. Mark your calendars and check back frequently for details on Annual Meeting plenaries, sessions, and other important information.

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Call for ISPE Briefs Submissions

We’d like to feature your Chapter, Affiliate, Communities of Practice, or other ISPE group in upcoming ISPE Briefs. Share highlights from training programs, conferences, social events, or other activities in an article of 250 to 400 words. We welcome photos (300 dpi or >1MB). Email submissions to Susan Sandler, Senior Director, Editorial.