September / October 2016

Cover: Creating Supply Chain Excellence, Achieving Superior Performance
Lou Schmukler, President of Global Manufacturing and Supply at Bristol-Myers Squibb, shares his views on fundamental elements of supply chain strategy.

Quarterly Report: Biotechnology
Our first quarterly report on biotechnology offers a variety of viewpoints on what it takes to succeed in biotech and biopharma.

Online Exclusive: Defects Produced in Orbital Welding for Pharmaceutical Process Piping: Case Study and Simulation
This article evaluates the causes of defects in welds. The approach taken was to simulate conditions that can affect the quality of welds by changing the parameters used to diagnose defects.

Technical: Characterization of Silicone Tubing:  Effect of Pressure and Irradiation on Tubing Diameter
Pietro Perrone, Csilla Kollar, Andrew Diehl, and Ernie Jenness

Technical: Balancing Pre- and Post-Market Control of Health Supplements
Chan Lai Wah, Benjamin Tan Zhi Yang, Vimal Sachdeva, and Sia Chong Hock

Technical: Manufacturing and Packaging Line Clearance in an OSD Manufacturing Facility
Michael DeBellis, Jim Cahir, and Robert Matje

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