November / December 2022

Women in Pharma® Editorial: Women in Pharma® Expands in Asia

Vivien E. Santillan
Women in Pharma® Editorial: Women in Pharma® Expands in Asia

The inclusive nature of ISPE promotes diversity in thought, providing pharma professionals of all levels, geographic, and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to share their knowledge and collaborate across borders. ISPE’s Women in Pharma® (WIP) is a testament to this.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen this professional community deliver quality programming for personal and professional growth, creating social impact opportunities as we work collectively without biases to shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Growth in Asia

After more than two years of online conferences, meetings, and webinars, Asia is slowly opening its borders once again and seeing a growth in Women in Pharma® initiatives. ISPE’s Malaysia Affiliate launched its Women in Pharma® group on 29 July 2022. It was the first in-person gathering for the Affiliate since the pandemic began in 2020. For many, it was an opportunity to reestablish personal connections and dive back into traditional networking. To add to the excitement, the launch coincided with ISPE Malaysia’s General Membership Meeting and the celebration of the Affiliate’s tenth anniversary.

The event introduced attendees to the Women in Pharma® community, including an outline of the mission and a lineup of upcoming Women in Pharma® activities for the local community. ISPE Malaysia hosted a Women in Pharma® Workshop on 9 October that focused on personal development and roundtable discussions for thought exchange and networking. The Affiliate is committed to growing this initiative and helping women develop the confidence to push past geographic and cultural barriers as they pursue excellence within their careers.

The ISPE Singapore Affiliate’s conference has always proved to be an anticipated event in the Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical industry, with over 1,000 participants attending virtually and in person. Women in Pharma® again was present at the conference, hosting a lunch and roundtable discussion. Present at each table was a Women in Pharma® leader from the Asia-Pacific region who facilitated the conversations and allowed time for each participant to share their experiences on as-signed table topics.

The presence of WIP in every ISPE Affiliate and Chapter helps us bridge gender, cultural, organizational, and geographic boundaries.

The ISPE Asia-Pacific Council, which represents leaders of all ISPE Affiliates in that region, and its Women in Pharma® community leaders staged its first Think Tank webinar in November, a concept initiated by the ISPE Women in Pharma’s International Steering Committee. Industry professionals discussed how Asia can equip its workforce to embrace and influence trends and evolving technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Annual Meeting and Beyond

At the 2022 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo in Orlando, Florida, Women in Pharma® welcomed members and other attendees on 30 October with a workshop, “Career Connections—Developing Your Personal Brand.” The immersive, hands-on event focused on evolving as a leader and taking LinkedIn profiles to the next level. A dinner on 31 October focused on networking and camaraderie, and a 1 November morning yoga session helped provide a refresh for the final full day of the conference.

The presence of Women in Pharma® in every ISPE Affiliate and Chapter helps us bridge gender, cultural, organizational, and geographic boundaries, allowing us to enjoy a safe space to discuss our goals, aspirations, and ambitions. The global collaboration and reach of Women in Pharma® allows our members to build important relationships that transcend the industry.

It’s been a successful 2022, with various milestones worth celebrating and a growing community focused on grand breakthroughs and ideas adapted to a local mindset and needs. We look forward to what’s in store next year and having continued conversations that will help “Women Shape the Future of Pharma.” We’ll see you next year!