September / October 2019

Message from the Chair - A Year of Change

James A. Breen, Jr., PE
A Year of Change

As I write my last Chairman column for Pharmaceutical Engineering, I reflect on what has happened over the past year globally and within ISPE. The pace of change in the industry has accelerated and will continue to accelerate with new technologies and business models being deployed.

Over the past year, I have had many opportunities to visit ISPE Chapters and Affiliates, allowing me to see the true impact and value of ISPE and establish new friendships around the world.

We are looking forward to a very successful 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas and the announcement of our new ISPE Strategic Plan, which will continue to build on our work in the last few years, with added focus on important future trends of the industry. The future is extremely bright and will require all of us to be agile and in a constant learning mode to keep relevant with the pace of changes and technology in the industry.


The theme for this issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering is Risk Management. We have all been involved in risk assessments at work and understand the importance of these tools, but have you considered managing the risk—or opportunities—in your own career associated with the speed of change in the industry? Consider how you can keep your skill sets relevant to today’s market needs and the workforce of the future.

ISPE is well positioned to help you manage the opportunities ahead by facilitating industry collaboration, identifying future trends, and preparing you via training, seminars, and conferences.

New technologies such as cell and gene therapy and corresponding business models are coming to market to improve patient lives. ISPE will remain an avenue for industry collaboration and a place where members can constantly update their skill sets to participate in these new areas of growth.


Thanks to the entire ISPE International Board of Directors for their support, engagement, and constant focus to improve our Society and help all members further their careers while keeping the industry focused on improving patients’ lives. I want to especially note the devotion of the ISPE Executive Committee, as they are a fantastic team to work with on critical issues affecting our industry. Thanks to the ISPE staff under the leadership of John Bournas, ISPE President and CEO. I wish all the best to the International Board members who will be assuming new roles at the Annual Meeting. I know they will do a fantastic job leading ISPE into the next decade.

When I was installed as Chairman in October 2018, I challenged everyone to get involved in ISPE in whatever capacity possible, whether in a chapter, affiliate, committee, Community of Practice (CoP), or other role. I continue to challenge everyone to become involved, so together we can have the most impactful Society in the industry.