March / April 2023

Message from the Chair: Moving to One ISPE

Michael L. Rutherford
Message from the Chair: Michael L. Rutherford

2023 continues to move right along—the first quarter is almost over. I remain very optimistic about this year as ISPE International, with support from the International Board, continues to make progress on our 2023 objectives and the 2023—2025 ISPE Strategic Plan.

ISPE has already held two conferences in 2023: the 2023 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference on 31 January–1 February and the 2023 ISPE Aseptic Conference on 6–7 March. The 2023 ISPE Europe Annual Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is fast approaching on 8–10 May. (Please register quickly as we expect this conference to be highly attended.)


International initiatives like the Paris Agreement on climate change and the United Nations Climate Change Reports on Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability continue to emphasize the importance of sustainability for the world and our pharmaceutical industry. Increased concerns around sustainability in our industry have driven the need for and adoption of better design, development, and manufacturing of biotech and pharma products using more efficient processes that reduce resource requirements, minimize waste, and reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances.

Large biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers have outlined their key sustainability targets to meet the goals of reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in their own operations, as well as sources of greenhouse emissions that they control. They are also focused on their supply chains, including emissions from their logistics, transportation, and suppliers. These practices have resulted in more environmentally sustainable practices and technology throughout the drug development process. The importance of sustainability practices in our industry has never been greater, and the opportunity for us to learn, share, and drive best practices knowledge through ISPE publications, conferences, and forums is what our membership wants and needs. I hope you enjoy this issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering® and its focus on sustainability.


I’d like to focus on another objective in the 2023–2025 ISPE Strategic Plan: One ISPE. ISPE is a global organization and, as such, needs to function as one and support the One ISPE Program and Network of Affiliates and Chapters to enable content delivery to meet regional and demographic needs. One ISPE provides all Affiliates and Chapters with the support and ability to grow and better serve their local ISPE members while globally expanding the ISPE brand and benefits. The ISPE International Board and I remain committed to supporting the Affiliates and Chapters through the assignment of Board Liaisons and participation in local and regional events whenever possible. Supporting each other and growing ISPE is the common goal for all of us.

A key element of One ISPE is to put in place a new updated charter for all Affiliates and Chapters that provides a consistent framework and operating model. Affiliates and Chapters that are part of One ISPE receive benefits that support the local level, including membership growth incentives, digitally packaged ISPE International session videos from select events, and the selection of the one official ISPE Training. Also, all Affiliates and Chapters as part of One ISPE benefit from having an ISPE International Board liaison and annual local board orientation and onboarding.

Another key element is the ISPE Affiliate/Chapter Growth Fund, which allows Affiliates and Chapters that are part of One ISPE to apply for potential funding to support local efforts. Financial contributions to this fund are made by Affiliates and Chapters with gross revenues over $50,000 and matched by ISPE International annually to provide funds for grant requests by Chapters and Affiliates to support initiatives. A member-led Affiliate/Chapter Growth Fund Committee has been established with representation from the Affiliates and Chapters and the International Board of Directors to oversee these grants. (Affiliates and Chapters are strongly encouraged to identify projects and submit grants in 2023.)

With input from the Affiliates and Chapters, and per the Charter Amendment Policy, a revised 2023 Charter was created and approved by the ISPE International Board in January and sent for signature by Affiliate and Chapter leaders during Q1 2023. With the 2023 revision of the Affiliate/Chapter Charter, One ISPE moves even closer to expanding our global organization while enabling synergistic value and encouraging coordination between Affiliates and Chapters and ISPE International.

I would like to especially thank Jessica Hardy, ISPE Senior Director, Membership & Chapter Relations, and her ISPE team; Thomas Hartman, ISPE President and CEO; Mark Hernick, ISPE Chief Operating Officer; the Affiliate and Chapter Leadership and Regional Leadership Committees; and the International Board Liaisons for all of their efforts to put in place the new Affiliate/Chapter Charter process.