January / February 2024

Women in Pharma® Editorial: The Future of Women in Pharma®

Vivien E. Santillan
Women in Pharma® Editorial: Vivien E. Santillan

An ISPE campaign in 2016 piqued my interest in the Women in Pharma committee because I’m an advocate for women in the workplace. When I became President of the ISPE Philippines Affiliate in 2017, I knew that Women in Pharma should be included in the affiliate’s program. The committee provided a platform for conversations on professional and personal development for members’ career advancement. And personally, this started my journey with Women in Pharma.

Women in Pharma Growth

Women in Pharma has grown globally through its member initiatives in the Affiliates and Chapters. The journey was not easy, as we needed to introduce the mission and vision of the committee to the ISPE community. Several projects and initiatives began during the pandemic when we had limited connections. Women in Pharma provided the tools necessary for collaboration and meaningful conversations through webinars, where members could network regardless of their location and time zone.

Since its inception, the Women in Pharma International Steering Committee has provided the needed direction for the committee that has served as its guiding principle to succeed. As I assume the role of Chair for the Women in Pharma International Steering Committee, I’ll encourage us to continue to maximize the impact women can make in our industry and respective communities and advocate for the committee to serve as an environment for positivity and inspiration. Programs with a focus on personal and professional growth with social impact at their core will shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Building and nurturing allyship with our colleagues in the industry will progress with the aim of advancing inclusion.

Programs with a focus on personal and professional growth with social impact at their core will shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Mentor ISPE Program that started in 2023 and received an outstanding response from students, Emerging Leaders, mid-level managers, and executives will continue into 2024. It is a testament to how greatly our community desires to connect with fellow members as mentors and mentees. Through this program, where diversity of thought thrives, members can relate to like-minded people. It provides a platform for learning different perspectives on varied topics through conversations that may inspire growth.

A Year of Transformation Ahead

Next year is a leap year, and some people believe that is associated with disruption and transformation. It is also the Year of the Dragon, which is believed to be a year of luck and prosperity. In the pharmaceutical industry, innovation and development will continue, with personalized medicines, artificial intelligence-driven drug development, demand for biologics, and advanced therapy.

Let us all welcome 2024 with positivity and continue our journey toward how we can do better and provide opportunities to grow. Stay updated and participate in Women in Pharma activities in your Affiliate or Chapter and at ISPE’s global conferences. Women in Pharma will continue to connect, collaborate, and inspire.

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