January / February 2020

Message from the Chair: Making the Connection

Frances M. Zipp
Frances M. Zipp - Board Chair

As I sit at my computer to write my first column as ISPE International Board Chair, my thoughts are centered on how I can personally help drive our unifying vision, “Connecting Pharmaceutical Knowledge,” and how we as members of ISPE have an outstanding opportunity in the year ahead to provide outreach and resources to expand our networks of people, technology, and information to accomplish the goals of that vision.

I look forward to achieving that vision with all of you. At its heart, ISPE is an organization of people who are here to improve and advance our industry. Without you, ISPE would not be the industry leader that it is today. To keep you well informed, I want to share a brief overview of several key areas of strategic focus for the year ahead that we may achieve together.

A Focus on Leadership

In our targeted efforts to focus on the latest, most innovative channels, ISPE will improve our operating model by designing and implementing key digital transformation initiatives in content development, knowledge management, access, and distribution.

We will also build and scale initiatives relevant to current and emerging therapeutic modalities to reinforce ISPE’s thought leadership for members of our organization and industry professionals around the globe.

High-Value Engagement

In the coming years, ISPE will focus on engaging our members and pharmaceutical professionals at all career stages, providing exceptional networking and knowledge platforms that offer solutions to complex industry challenges in a socially responsible manner.

Among these efforts, ISPE will improve and expand the relevance, impact, and efficiency of ISPE’s operating and volunteer models. Based on market research, we’ll strengthen engagement with stakeholders in prioritized target geographic markets through initiatives including Women in Pharma® and Workforce of the Future.

Getting Together

The year ahead will provide many opportunities to gather, network, and share during ISPE’s many conferences and trainings. With our focus on modernization, globalization, and transformation in pharmaceutical science as well as manufacturing across the globe, our events offer an outstanding opportunity to pharmaceutical professionals to engage in industry-critical conversations.

I look forward to talking with you this year, whether you are a new member or a member of many years. If we don’t get the chance to connect in person, please reach out to me. Every ISPE member is important, and each voice deserves to be heard.

Let’s join together to advance ISPE’s mission through sharing ideas and knowledge, spirited debate and discussion, and mentoring those new to the life sciences and ISPE. Through these efforts, we continue to build momentum that will empower and energize our members, which will ultimately benefit the healthcare of people around the globe.

Let’s all get motivated! Let’s all pledge to contribute! And let’s all get started today!