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Read, Learn, Innovate: What Were You Reading in Pharmaceutical Engineering® in 2011?

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Featured in this edition of the Pharmaceutical Engineering® Online Reading Roundup are highlights from the magazine ten years ago in 2011. Revisit articles on single-use in biomanufacturing, contained dust collection systems, manufacturing execution systems, and more.

Risk Management – A Key Requirement for Project Success


This article discusses how risk management can aid in project success. It looks at the potential gain from good risk management, examines some typical risks that recur regularly on projects, and offers a suggested methodology for managing project risks.

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Single-Use Components for Flexible Biomanufacturing Processes


This article presents the latest status of single-use technologies in biomanufacturing processes.

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Case Study: Using Surrogate Testing to Determine Selection and Performance of Contained Dust Collection Systems


This article presents how a pharmaceutical manufacturer, dust collection equipment supplier, and certified independent laboratory together employed surrogate testing to validate performance of a planned dust collection system that would serve a new manufacturing area.

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Manufacturing Systems Solution - More than Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


This article presents a three phased approach to implementing a Manufacturing Systems Solution using real life examples to demonstrate the benefits.

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Project Management Best Practices: Improving Schedule Using a Distributed Workforce


This article presents more than a decade of project management learning about distributing a project workforce and the limits and risks of over distribution.

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Understanding Operational Waste from a Lean Biopharmaceutical Perspective


This article presents different types of operational wastes (non-value adding activities), provides examples of wastes common to pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, and lists commonly used techniques to analyze and reduce waste.

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