May / June 2011

May / Jun 2011 Cover


2011 Facility of the Year Awards Supplement
by Rochelle Runas

Labeling Pharma "Green"
by Dana Buker and Jamie Kaushik
This article presents arguments for the implementation of an electronic labeling system in the life science industries. These systems are capable of generating significant Return on Investment (ROI), while at the same time reducing waste, improving efficiency, and delivering on regulatory compliance requirements.

Increasing Central Plant Efficiency via a Water to Water Heat Pump
by Jim Heemer, Alexander Mitrovic, and Michael Scheer
This article presents annual energy savings of more than $600,000 per year and an annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 4,438 tons per year via a water to water heat pump installed at the Novartis Flu Vaccine Facility.

A Systematic and Scientific Approach for Implementation and Validation of Single-Use Equipment
by Jean-Loup Descamps, Jean-Baptiste Milandri, and Peggy Sander
This article presents the risk-based and value-based approaches developed during the single-use implementation with a focus on validation aspects.

Case Study: Using Surrogate Testing to Determine Selection and Performance of Contained Dust Collection Systems
by David Steil
This article presents how a pharmaceutical manufacturer, dust collection equipment supplier, and certified independent laboratory together employed surrogate testing to validate performance of a planned dust collection system that would serve a new manufacturing area.

Standardizing Equipment Maintenance Outsourcing
by Martin van den Hout
The article presents points to consider to successfully outsource maintenance activities in a pharmaceutical company.