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Read, Learn, Innovate: Pharmaceutical Engineering® Looks Back at 2012

Read, Learn, Innovate: Pharmaceutical Engineering® Looks Back at 2012

Featured in this edition of the Pharmaceutical Engineering® Online Reading Roundup are articles from 10 years ago: the year was 2012, and ISPE members were reading about a holistic approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing, defining metrics and intelligence, battling counterfeit medicines, and more.

A Holistic Approach to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Product Lifecycle Management Support for High Yield Processes to Make Safe and Effective Drugs


This article presents a holistic approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing based on product and process knowledge that allows companies to manage data that improves yields, enhances confidence, identifies risk, and manages the complexity of increasingly personalized medicine.

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Harnessing Untapped Information for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence


This article presents a framework and industry best practices allowing for the definition of usable metrics and intelligence that employ all the available operational data in the organization from the shop floor activities to business operations.

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Identifying Counterfeit Medicines with Industry-Suitable Technologies

MAY / JUNE 2012

This article presents the latest pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit technology developments and describes different criteria which will help readers select those that best safeguard patient safety and the integrity of valuable pharmaceutical brands and products.

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Current Scientific Status and Regulatory Control of Traditional/Herbal Medicinal Products: Globalization Challenges


This article presents an overview of the current scientific status of traditional/herbal medicinal products and the regulatory framework implemented by major regulatory authorities and organizations. It discusses the challenges ahead and makes recommendations to address them.

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