November / December 2012 Cover


Current Scientific Status and Regulatory Control of Traditional/Herbal Medicinal Products: Globalization Challenges
by Dr. Chan Lai Wah, Sia Chong Hock, and Tan Kiat Yun
This article presents an overview of the current scientific status of traditional/herbal medicinal products and the regulatory framework implemented by major regulatory authorities and organizations. It discusses the challenges ahead and makes recommendations to address them.

Assured Construction Quality Saves Time and Money
by Jay Lad and Bruce Beck
This article demonstrates how Eli Lilly increased field efficiency and productivity, lowered costs, and improved overall build quality by implementing a proactive field quality assurance program and the latest technology.

Equipment Mix Determination for Multi-Product API Facility Planning
by Joseph R. Hettenbach, P.E.
This article presents a method of determining the major equipment set for the planning of new or revamped existing API multi-product facilities.

Effective Wastewater Treatment in the Pharmaceutical Industry
by Manfred Martz
This article presents a strategy to effectively treat pharmaceutical wastewater.

George Wittmann, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, Jones Lang LaSalle

Resource Scheduling in QC Laboratories
by Rafi Maslaton
This article presents the various aspects of scheduling in QC laboratories.

Environmental Monitoring and Decontamination of Pharmaceutical Production Facilities
by Paul Lorcheim and Melissa Hughes
This article reviews a facilities environmental monitoring program and the decontamination measures that might need to be added in order to achieve satisfactory results within the program.

In Vitro Characterization of Docetaxel Loaded Microbubbles for Ultrasound Triggered Drug Delivery
by Michael Cochran, Theresa Bustamante, John Eisenbrey, and Margaret Wheatley
This article is based on the research of an ISPE 2011 Student Poster Competitor.

ISPE – The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Defining Body
ISPE’s President and CEO discusses the importance of maintaining a global perspective, the Society’s focus on becoming the leading force in scientific, technical and regulatory advancement, and its commitment to better understand company and industry challenges.