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Pharma 4.0™ is on the Rise—Are You Prepared?

Mareile Fuss
Pharma 4.0™ is on the Rise—Are You Prepared?

The pharmaceutical industry’s ability to evolve alongside innovations in technology and science increases with the incorporation of digital systems and redesigned data collectors. Pharma 4.0™ is a trending industry initiative that highlights the impact and benefit of digitalisation in pharma operations and production. Digitalisation of pharma manufacturing can propel the industry forward and facilitate technological, economical, and logistical advancement.

There are very different perspectives and drivers to Pharma 4.0™ for the different stakeholders:

  • The strategic point of view, e.g. from CEOs or business unit heads
  • The technical operations point of view, e.g. from heads or experts of Technical Operations, Production or Engineering
  • The information technology point of view, e.g. from heads or experts of IT
  • The expectation from all stakeholders are that digitalisation to make them more competitive by being faster, more efficient and cheaper in achieving their business goals

The 2019 ISPE Europe Pharma 4.0™ Conference is an interactive forum where top business leaders and CEOs of the industry will discuss their strategic plans for the future of pharmaceutical engineering with the implementation of digitalisation.

The two-day event will answer questions like:

  • How will digitalisation help us achieve new levels of connection, transparency, agility and productivity?
  • Why will "functional silos" be eliminated after digitalisation is successfully implemented?
  • How is the pharma industry driven by current practise with globally connected systems?
  • How, in a Pharma 4.0™ world, will it be feasible to be connected, while respecting and applying different cultures and management styles?

Unlike other huge events, you'll have the opportunity to connect directly with knowledgeable presenters representing leading organisations, including FDA, GSK, LifeBee, MHRA, Merck, Siemens UK, Werum IT Solutions, and more.

Register today for the 2019 ISPE Europe Pharma 4.0™ Conference to stay on track with the latest evolutions on the Pharma 4.0™ topic to successfully implement strategies for your company. Come early and take advantage of in-depth training on 18–19 November to take a deeper dive into three critical areas of pharma manufacturing.

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