2019 ISPE Europe Pharma 4.0 Conference

Digitalisation opens new horizons for the holistic perspective on business. ISPE developed a pharma specific “PHARMA 4.0 OPERATING MODEL” that described key enablers such as Data Integrity by Design and Digital Maturity with Organisation and Processes, Information Systems, Resources and Culture, defined as the elements that govern and drive the enablers.

Today, there are very different perspectives and drivers to Pharma 4.0 for the different stakeholders:

  1. The strategic point of view, e.g. from CEOs or business unit heads
  2. The technical operations point of view, e.g. from heads or experts of Technical Operations, Production or Engineering
  3. The information technology point of view, e.g. from heads or experts of IT.

The expectation from all stakeholders are that digitalisation to make them more competitive by being faster, more efficient and cheaper in achieving their business goals.

This conference will focus on:

  • How digitalisation will open new horisons to achieve new levels of being connected, with transparency, agility and more productivity due to accurate information for decision making
  • How workplaces change: “Functional Silos” will no longer be needed after digitalisation is successfully implemented
  • How pharma is driven by current industry practise and by globally connected systems: the GXP rules and technical standards will be harmonised globally, mutual recognition of inspections will grow as well as similar enforcement of global rules and standards
  • How in a Pharma 4.0 world it will be feasible to be connected, while respecting and applying different cultures and management styles?

Furthermore, this conference gives the opportunity to discuss presented business cases of realised industry 4.0 projects with regulators and industry, peer group members and key suppliers. Plant visits will give insight into reality.

Learning Objectives 

  • Gain insight in a new world of pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Learn how to apply a holistic view on manufacturing strategies of the future
  • Understand the operating model applied with Pharma 4.0
  • Get a feeling about readiness qualifiers for industry
  • Have dialogues with the peer groups and with senior industry leaders on this hot topic

2019 ISPE UK Affiliate Annual Awards Dinner

Thursday, 21 November 2019

The ISPE UK Affiliate Annual Awards Dinner is regularly attended by over 400 of the UK's top decision makers and leaders in the pharmaceutical engineering arena, along with their clients. The awards are awarded in recognition of the support that individuals and companies provide to the work of the ISPE in the UK and internationally.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals at all levels of the pharmaceutical industry including:

Young Professionals Senior Executives Communities of Practice Special Interest Groups Equipment and Services Suppliers Regulatory Professionals