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Message From The Chair: Why Attend The 2023 ISPE Biotechnology Conference

Liz M. Dooley, MSc
2022 ISPE Biotechnology Conference

The Biopharmaceutical industry continues to grow and deliver life-changing medicines to patients as evidenced by the number of drug approvals by the FDA year after year. In 2022 alone CDER approved 37 novel drugs, either as new molecular entities (NMEs) under New Drug Applications (NDAs) or as new therapeutic biological products under Biologics License Applications (BLAs). This has all been achieved despite the disruptive influences experienced across all supply chain networks. Innovation in digital, sustainability, agile manufacturing concepts, and the application of new technologies have been key enablers and we continue to see growth and development in all these areas.

With this backdrop, the importance of industry events like the 2023 ISPE Biotechnology Conference is evident, offering an excellent opportunity to get together, share learnings and achievements, and look forward to future opportunities for the industry.

2023 ISPE Biotechnology Conference

On the 26th & 27th of June 2023, there will be a fantastic opportunity for such an event in Dublin, Ireland. The conference is expected to attract delegates from across the globe and promises very engaging and informative discussions and networking sessions.

The number of novel drugs progressing from clinical to commercial scale is increasing as can be seen from the number of novel drugs approved by the FDA in 2022 alone. New process technologies are being developed and scaled up, challenging the status quo and requiring advances in data analytics, the development of agile manufacturing concepts, and the transformation of current best practices. This has all led to new ways of working that benefit from collaborative networking across different sectors in the biotechnology industry. The 2023 Biotechnology Conference promises to touch on all these exciting aspects of the new environment for the Biotechnology industry - The event agenda is packed with expert speakers delivering thought-leading sessions on digital transformation in biotech, resiliency and sustainability in supply chain, ATMPs/C&GTs from concept to commercialisation, product lifecycle innovation, application of mRNA technologies, and when speed to market counts.

The event will kick off on the morning of the 26th with strategically focused keynote sessions from Industry leaders and government agency representatives with discussions on the future biotech portfolio, the importance of manufacturing in the development of advanced therapies, execution of a SMART manufacturing vision, Strategic Pharmaceutical Development in Ireland, and more topics. The keynote sessions will be followed by a panel discussion to include regulatory agency participation. This will be a great opportunity to hear first-hand how regulators are collaborating with industry leaders to better navigate the changing product portfolio landscape.

On 27th June, there will be an opportunity to visit local operating companies and research centers to see first-hand the innovation in clinical & commercial supply chains and new technologies being deployed to deliver life-changing medicine to the waiting patients. You will also have an opportunity to engage with the leaders in these industries and understand the challenges they have and continue to face but also learn about the exciting opportunities they are creating to remain competitive and agile in the ever-changing biotechnology world.

Now is an incredibly exciting time to be part of the biopharmaceutical industry and we as industry professionals have an obligation to build that pipeline of future leaders. We can achieve this through the engagement and mentoring of our life science students, young professionals, and industry Emerging Leaders. Practical experience and understanding of the technical processes, GMP principles, and regulatory requirements are a “must” and being familiar with these before starting in a new role reduces the learning curve significantly. Also of critical importance to this personal growth is the development of peer networks and engagement with industry leaders. Attending an event such as the 2023 ISPE Biotechnology Conference is an excellent opportunity to engage with some of the most experienced industry leaders, learn from their experience, and build networks for the future.

The 2023 ISPE Biotechnology Conference will be an exciting opportunity for all attendees to be motivated by the biopharmaceutical industry’s exciting future. The organizing committee looks forward to meeting participants at all stages of their careers and engaging in fruitful discussions during the range of networking opportunities. Register today to ensure you are part of this not to be missed event.

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