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Member Spotlight: Fatima Jacoba Mancilla Islas

Member Spotlight: Fatima Jacoba Mancilla Islas

Fatima Jacoba Mancilla Islas is a Foundation Board Member of the ISPE Mexico Affiliate and is currently a Validation Manager for Probiomed SA de CV.

Fatima Jacoba Mancilla Islas
Validation Manager

What do you hope to achieve with your work?

To be a factor of change that drives continuous improvement in the processes of the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

How will your work impact your country, specifically?

By being a part of a 100% Mexican company, I am continuing to impact the country positively. Through my expertise and working as a team, we maintain the company’s leading position in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry, while continuing to develop and promote human talent.

How did being Latina influence your professional dreams? 

Part of my professional dreams stem from the fact that I am Latina and knew from a very young age I wanted to be a part of the industry. Mexico is recognized as a benchmark country in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, from the stages of research and development to commercial manufacturing. The level of knowledge generated within the country is very valuable and important to share worldwide; Mexico’s pharmaceutical companies meet the highest quality of standards, as set forth by the regulatory entity in Mexico and worldwide, ensuring the nation’s efforts comply with the highest requirements established for the industry.

If you could give career advice to a young woman who dreams of making her way into the pharmaceutical industry, what would it be? 

That you have well defined goals and that you take it step-by-step and set smaller goals that lead you to your final goal; that you consider alternative plans since we must have options to determine how to reach our final goal while supporting and encouraging others -- we can all be part of a chain of support.

How has ISPE helped you along with your career?

At ISPE, I have had the opportunity to access technical knowledge related to topics of interest in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry; topics that are constantly updated, since within the ISPE community there are many experts who participate in the preparation of guides and publication of articles. I’ve also had access to various forums, such as conventions, courses, and webinars, where experiences are shared with all the participants who are from the different ISPE chapters and affiliates around the world. Access to this global network has strengthened my skills and knowledge for better decision making.

Another very important aspect is that ISPE has opened the possibility for me to establish personal relationships at a camaraderie and friendship level. Through various ISPE events, I have met wonderful people.

Why should someone join ISPE? 

ISPE is a community that will allow you to grow professionally and personally without borders worldwide.