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ISPE Member Spotlight: Oxana Pryanichnikova

ISPE Member Spotlight: Oxana Pryanichnikova

Oxana Pryanichnikova is the Vice-Chair of ISPE Eurasian Affiliate with intensive involvement in the foundation of local ISPE organization since 2018. She is the Chief Business and Operating Officer of DXDO with more than 20 years in Software and Hardware Sales, Track&Trace projects, Business Development, planning and executing business strategies in different industries, developing new market channels and building strong relationships with customers and industry leaders.

Oxana Pryanichnikova
Business Development Director

What are you grateful for in this last year, personal or professional?

I am grateful for my life, fate and the events that have led me to where I am today. Despite the high external uncertainty, all professional and personal plans were realized this year, we traveled a lot with our family and, as it seems, have made more friends. I also strive to find a balance between personal, professional and volunteer activities and I am grateful that over time I manage to do this more efficiently and intentionally. 

When looking back on your experience as an ISPE member and your time being a part of Women in Pharma, what are you grateful for?

I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and the progress we have made in the last 3.5 years.

I started off as a part of ISPE’s Steering Committee in June 2018 and now continue as an officially recognized Affiliate – ISPE’s Eurasian Economic Union Affiliate. We continue to go through the stages of formation and development, including holding our own events and participating in ISPE international events, while also developing a local ISPE Emerging leaders project intended to attract active volunteers and new members.

In April, we held an offline event dedicated to solving the problem of staff shortages in the pharmaceutical industry - the formation of the “school - university - pharmaceutical industry” ecosystem, to which we invited representatives of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and universities. We also plan to conduct an offline pharmaceutical hackathon for graduate students in the spring of 2022 in cooperation with one of the leading pharmaceutical universities in the Eurasian Union.

As for WIP, we are just beginning to scratch the surface. I’ve participated in global sessions to better understand that wealth of information and experience that exists within this group of professional women, and I can see this being in demand locally. In Russia, we have several female professional communities in the pharmaceutical industry, we are trying to join the local conversations through participation, and hopefully, one day, join efforts and unify these women groups under the ISPE brand.

What advice would you give a woman in pharma as it pertains to practicing gratitude in a professional setting?

I see the importance and the need for mentorship opportunities amongst women. The systematic and involved support of successful female professionals for young female professionals is key in driving professional and personal development.

At one time, it was from women leaders that I received my most valuable life lessons and I see that ISPE is doing everything possible to surround its members with care -- providing valuable content, promoting professional development and global industry communication.

I would like to wish women to take an active position -- receive, share experience and then we will have many reasons to thank others and ourselves for a conscious attitude and contribution to a quality life and the formation of the future.

If you could issue a statement of gratitude for your Affiliate members, leaders and those in ISPE international, what would it be?

During my volunteer work at ISPE, I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to manage projects and strategic activities while collaborating with local and international colleagues and specialists. I want to say that the interest in ISPE in general and the development of the local branch from the industry is growing.

At first, people, even with an understanding of the importance of social work, were surprised by our willingness to devote our time to activities aimed at implementing volunteer industry tasks and implementing projects for the pharmaceutical industry. As we continue to work to expand our reach, and interest in ISPE International is growing.

There are several people that have been involved in projects that expand ISPE’s reach, including translating materials, coordinating ISPE events, providing valuable feedback and industry insight as we’ve built out the Eurasian Affiliate. I would especially like to highlight Vladimir Orlov, Director of the Eurasian Affiliate, who’s long term goals have made this possible. I would also like to thank Thomas Zimmer, Director of Dach, for his mentorship and leadership along the way.

I am grateful to people who, in addition to their business tasks, are ready to do something more for other people, for their professional industry, and I am glad that, as part of my work at ISPE, I manage to get acquainted and cooperate with such great professionals.