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The D/A/CH Affiliate Successfully Launches a Women in Pharma® Community

Tamara Spies
Alice Redmond, PhD
The D/A/CH Affiliate Successfully Launches a Women in Pharma® Community

The energy was felt within the room as more than 30 engaged women and allies came together in support of ISPE D/A/CH affiliate’s launch of Women in Pharma® on 8 September 2022 at the Bayer Consumer care’s headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The event consisted of an informational session, lunch, and moderated workshop to give attendees a sample of what’s to come through regional programming.

The event started off with a keynote address by Alice Redmond, CSO at CAI and a member of ISPE’s Women in Pharma®’s International Steering Committee. Redmond provided a brief presentation on the history of the community, the group’s mission, and values, and how the international objectives of Women in Pharma are implemented across ISPE’s 39 Affiliates and Chapters.

Following the presentation, the audience broke out into groups for the first workshop. Moderated by professional leadership coach Julia Schleidt, the attendees discussed the mission and value proposition of Women in Pharma® and how they interpret it on a personal and regional / cultural level.

The next workshop session kicked off with an inspiration speech by Caroline Kersten, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead of Bayer Switzerland. She discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace, and specifically what Bayer is doing to promote it. Following her speech, the audience broke out into groups once again, but this time to develop a 12-month action plan for the D/A/CH affiliate’s new initiative, in support of the Women in Pharma’s pillars of focus: Personal Growth, Professional Growth, Social Impact, and Shape the Future of Pharma™.

We are grateful for such a successful Women in Pharma® kick-off in the D/A/CH region. A picture says a thousand words, and the above picture does a great job at capturing the energy and excitement that filled the room for the launch of Women in Pharma® within the D/A/CH region. We look forward to continuing the moment throughout the rest of this year and onto the new year.

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