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Complimentary Webinar Outlines Unpromotable Work and How to Say No.

Gayle Flynn
Complimentary Webinar Outlines Unpromotable Work and How to Say No.

This webinar may be for you if you are busy! It is definitely for you if you are everyone’s “go to” person for everything.

You organize the birthday celebrations and whenever someone needs to organize meetings or take notes, you are the first person on the list. These tasks usually fall under the “other duties as assigned” in a job description. You take pride in having everyone depend upon you and work long hours to ensure things are done well. You are the epitome of a team player, but at what cost?

After enough “other duties as assigned” pile up on your to-do list, you may struggle to keep your life in balance and miss out on important career-defining events, projects, or moments. You start noticing that some of your colleagues put in less time in building office morale and being available to support all aspects of the business, while still receiving more important assignments and achieving promotions faster, leaving you wondering why that is.

The problem may be that you are taking on too many non-promotable tasks in your day-to-day work. These tasks are essential, and you need to do your fair share, but if you take on too many of them, they steal precious time away from your life and your career. It may also hurt your organization because the best person for the job may be busy with non-promotable tasks.

Now the truth is that non-promotable tasks are not assigned in a mindful manner. These tasks are generally delegated to the “go to” person without realization of the impact. That “go to” person is oftentimes a woman.

If you are worried that you have fallen into the rut of assigning all the non-promotable tasks to one person or are the person who takes them on, our upcoming Women in Pharma webinar is for you.

Join us on Wednesday, 7 June at 1100 EDT for a complimentary webinar power and led by ISPE Women in Pharma®: Unpromotable Work: Why Are We Still Doing This?


Yolanda McLean
Senior Director, Quality Control
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Gayle Flynn
Engagement Delivery Partner
Cognizant (Zenith Technologies)
Janet L. Williams
Clinical Supply Chain Lead
Thermo Fisher
Nina Siragusa
Strategy Business Lead
Merck Healthcare KGaA

This webinar will outline non-promotable tasks, how we fall into the rut of always saying yes, and more importantly, how to productively say no as we work towards the goal of each person on the team doing their fair share.

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