Janet L. Williams

Thermo Fisher
Clinical Supply Chain Lead
Janet Williams currently leads the Clinical Supply Chain for Thermal Fisher. She has been with Thermo Fisher 4 years and has been in the industry more than 20 years. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher she worked for Puma, GSK and Lilly in various roles across the drug delivery process. She has a passion for supply chain and leadership and invests in coaching and mentoring with a particular emphasis on women and diversity.

Janet is a visionary and innovative leader, winning the President’s Award for Innovation in 2022 for recognizing a need, designing, and leading the team to deliver for our client during the pandemic. She builds teams based on trust and collaboration, leading to innovation, high output, and the leaders of the future.

Janet earned a JD from Indiana University in 2006 and a Bachelor in Chemistry from Chicago State. She is active in the community and local politics.