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Challenges & Opportunities Facing Pharma Industry in APAC Region

Joseph Stephen Micsko, Jr.
Challenges & Opportunities Facing Pharma Industry in APAC Region

Asia Pacific Pharma Outlook

The healthcare market in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is continuing to grow at a steady rate with an estimated 500-billion-dollar industry by 2020. This is due to rising development in smart manufacturing and government initiatives to boost local manufacturing. Currently there is a rapid shift with innovative solutions and a push for digital transformation that will hit on these opportunities. With these trends evolving quickly, organizations will need to remain compliant and find ways to upgrade their quality culture. That why is it is crucial more than ever for organizations to have Quality and Compliance on the top of their list.

What to expect at 2019 ISPE Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference?

September is right around the corner and the inaugural 2019 ISPE Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference is fast approaching and will showcase various industry experts at the heart of Asia in Singapore. The theme of this event is Quality & Compliance with the ever-shifting trend in digital transformation and finding the next revolutionary drug such as cell therapy. There is ever growing enthusiasm to understand what the Regulatory bodies viewpoints are and what do the key decision makers see will be the challenges going forward. The 2019 ISPE Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference will help answer these questions and more. This conference will bring in some of the leading industry regulatory bodies such as FDA, MHRA, PIC/S and HSA to give their perspective on current trends and pressuring issues in the Pharma Industry such as Pharma 4.0™, Continuous Manufacturing and Quality Risk Management. They will also give new regulatory updates and provide case studies on various topics. Some of the leading key leaders in the pharma industry from the APAC and globe will give their expertise on what we can expect on facilities of the future and data integrity across all manufacturing. This two-day event is really a deep dive into what quality culture is, inspection management and some of the compliance issues the regulatory bodies are facing now.

Why Singapore?

Singapore has become an attractive location for both pharma and biotech companies to manufacture their products and offer their services in order to reach the Asian healthcare market needs. Currently, eight of the 10 top pharma companies have operations and facilities within Singapore’s biomedical hub, and four of those companies produce the top 10 highest revenue drugs in the world. Singapore has been a major city for the industry since the 1970’s but has just recently shifted their focus to manufacturing biopharmaceuticals over the last 10 years. This has exploded Singapore’s production three times over since the 2000s, resulting in over 16 billion dollars’ worth to global markets every year.

How is this different than ISPE Singapore Annual Conference?

There have been a lot of questions on how this is different from the ISPE Singapore Annual Conference. The 2019 ISPE Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference is a totally different initiative where we are promoting regulatory collaboration around the world. We also have a dynamic presenter line-up including experts from leading industry organizations, such as Novatek International and Takeda Pharmaceutical, and academia, including the University of Tokyo—giving you comprehensive industry insight you can’t get elsewhere. Finally, we will have an exclusive closing session focused on US, EU, and PIC/S GMP inspections for all attendees. There are also additional training sessions after the 2019 ISPE Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference that allow participants to get some in depth education on some of the industry leading topics.

ISPE Singapore Annual Conference will have a little different focus like the Women in Pharma lunch networking session, Student Hackathon and Young Professional networking happy hour as well as an extensive exhibit hall.

I am excited to be a part of this inaugural conference as chairman of the committee! I am devoted to making this event become one of more anticipated in the APAC region for years to come. I hope everybody gains valuable knowledge and key networking opportunities to bring back to their organizations and fellow colleagues. Look forward to all of you coming to this event!!!

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